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Well I was playing around with new hero character concepts. And elaborating on this thread:

This is mainly to help infantry armies. (for those of us who don't want to jump on the all cavalry WoC bandwagon that is so heavily promoted by forums like WarSeer).

First off a few clarifications:

On page 106 of the WoC army book it says.

"The term sorcerer is used to describe Wizards who follow the chaos Gods..."

"Sorcerers with a mark of chaos always generate spells from the lore appropriate to their mark..."

This is handy for two reasons:

1)It means if we give an Exalted champion he becomes a Wizard (as per the FAQ), this means he can take a spell familiar. If he has the mark of Nurgle and a spell familiar he would get Magnificent buboes.

2) Seeing as the BoS makes the character into a wizard. Therefore he is a wizard that follows chaos and therefore a sorcerer. This means he can take Gifts that are sorcerer specific, eg: 3rd eye, conjoined homunculus. (not really amazing but it could be handy).

Magic Supremacy:

Magic doesn't scale very well in warhammer. Due to the rules for power and dispel dice and especially the rules for dispel scrolls its generally worth going for magic heavy or magic defensive.

To some extent there is a way around that, although its also a tactic well worth applying anyway which is mage hunting. If you want to make medium magic work or magic heavy even more important then mage hunting is very worthwhile indeed. Mage hunting is best done as early as possible since if you can kill a mage with multiple scrolls it can make a massive difference to your future magic phases.

War machines, chariots and Small missile regiments:

All the above can be problematic for WoC, war machines can hurt a lot against our expensive infantry, missile regiments can be a pain. As for chariots they can be quite hard to take down without any shooting, and we don't particularly want to get charged by them. WoC don't have any scouts or skirmishers to deal with war machines (other then wulfrik), our best option tends to be marauder horsemen or warhounds. Both of these can be shot to pieces before getting into hand to hand.

So I present a fun alternative!

The build:

Exalted Hero:
MoN, BoS, Spell familiar, shield, flail/GW/halberd(Take your pick, I tend to go with flails).

Optional: conjoined homunculus (dependent on your army composition). Unless you have another sorcerer with a power familiar this is the only way to get two spells a turn off with this guy. (personally I tend to just run another character with a power familiar seeing as i don't always want or need to cast steed of shadows).


Which spell to chose from the book of secrets? -this depends entirely on the composition of your enemies army.

If he has war machines, a vulnerable mage bunker, or small units of archers then you are best off taking steed of shadows. This will effectively give you a 28" charge, set up properly and you can charge their war machines on the first turn.

Same goes for small regiments of archers/handgunners. With -1 to shooting from being a character on foot, -1 for the MoN,-1 for stand and shoot, and -1 for shooting at long range (with a charge range of 20" they will more often then not be shooting at long range). That's -4 to hit!! With a 3+ armour save against shooting you should make it through unscathed. Once in combat the exalted can carve through archers/weapon crews with ease.

This can help reduce the casualties your infantry will be taking as they advance.

What if they don't have any ranged/small vulnerable units that your exalted can hunt?

Simple, you just get a standard magic missile spell from the lore of death or fire (you might even get lucky and get flaming sword of ruin). Then you have an exalted who can add his combat prowess to a unit as well as snipe characters with buboes, and shoot magic missiles. Sometimes its even worth trying to get fleshy abundance instead of buboes if their are no important characters to kill.

A note on other marks:

This could be done with MoT for the +1 to cast, and access to Tzeetch spells. Personally I find Magnificent buboes too good to miss out on. But that doesn't mean you can't do it! (flickering fire is still a great spell.)


Well for 179-183pts you get a very flexible character, that's good at eliminating enemy spell casters, can take out important ranged components of you enemies army, lend a hand to regiments almost anywhere on the battlefield and can be used to reinforce your line/draw out enemy dispel dice for your other casters. Whilst still being a melee power house.

But most importantly its fun!

Thoughts, ideas?

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You should probly try to avoid making the title mage hunter.

Taking both book of secrets and spell familiar is nothing but a giant waste. Take one or the other. He has 1 dice and you have 2 pool dice(3 with power familiar). He can only use a maximum of 2 dice to cast so you will have the opportunity to cast one spell. I prefer most of my pool dice to be sitting on my lord who can cast so much better.

Spell familiar buboes isn't half bad on paper, but with only being able to 2 dice it is not uncommon for it to fail. I prefer to cast buboes on a minimum of 3 to also force a lot of dispell dice or scrolls out of my opponent.

TLDR either take your sorcerer or give your exalted the ability to take characters out in CC

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Very cool idea mush definetely deserves rep. I would consider taking another MoN lvl 2 wizard with power familiar and scroll, and then maybe another level 2 with puppet, and and the final guy be a bsb with black tongue, this would let you throw 3 buboes, another low lvl spell, and hopefully with black tongue you can wound another enemy wizard making it easy to buboes one off asap. One could still reinforce his infantry blocks with 2 exalted champions. I might have to try this :sinister:.

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Again, its more of a fun build then an power build. It works nicely if you are running a slaanesh sorcerer lord, where i find 4-5 power dice enough. Most of my sorcerers are tzeetch so are self powered so to speak. If you find the nurgle build to power hungry. You could always try MoT.

The interesting thing with MoT is because of the +1 to cast you can cast flickering fire on a 3+ and steed of shadows on a 4+, which gives you a bit more flexibility seeing as in most case you will have at most 3 dice to use for this character (1 generated two pool). The 6+ ward save although not as good as -1 to hit from MoN does increase your survivability. And flickering fire is a great spell to use on anything. But it does only have 18" range so steed of shadows can be nice for positioning yourself for casting it against vulnerable units that your enemy is screening or loan characters that think they are safe. Interestingly you could potentially cast flickering fire at a target and then use steed of shadows to charge in straight after, or get away (tau crisis style ^^). And every now and then you get pandemonium which is always handy. (and easily castable with 2 dice).

Again the above is just one of the things he can do. You could just take fire ball and flickering fire and just use him to spam magic missiles (fire ball on 1 or 2 dice) and flickering fire on 1 die. You might roll flaming sword of ruin making him a better combat monkey. Burning head and fiery blast are both castable on two dice with MoT. Most of the spells from the law of death are castable on 2 dice (just). And then there are always spells from you parent law be it nurgle tzeetch or even slaanesh (depending on which mark you go for). The whole fun in this build is its suited to fill many roles.

Think of it this way:

Magic missile spam sorcerer:
lvl1,MoT,BoS,Echanted shield/chaos steed = 145

-great for drawing out dispell dice as a supporting wizard.
-generates 2 PD and 1 PD
-can take a steed instead of enchanted shield so it has enough space for a dispell scroll.

MoT,BoS,SF,shield,flail = 169

-great for drawing out dispell dice as a supporting wizard.
-Generates 1 PD
-Good in CC with 4 S 7 attacks
-Can be used in loads of exiting and interesting ways, taking out war machines, big things, archers etc. (you would be surprised how effected a flickering flame is followed up by a charge by an exalted).
-but it doesn't have to, it can be just as useful in your own lines.
-Can cast spells on one dice, at most only needs 3 dice.
-Is only 24pts more.

Its a great wild card, you could just use him to draw out dispell dice, or you could cast with all your other wizards and then with your two last dice pull off a flickering flame and a steed of shadows on a giant/chariot/knights that are threatening your flank.

I'm sure there are more effective ways of doing things, but its damn fun to play!
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