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Oh No! Not Him Again!
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With the new army book, we now have access to all 8 Lores of Magic from the rulebook, instead of Fire, Metal, Shadow and Death (and of course Dark Magic) like we used to. This is a nice, if a little confusing addition, since as a force of destruction we would've edged away from the purer forms of magic, but I'm not going to complain too hard, it opens up a few more tactical options for us. Figured I'd do a quick overview of how the Lores all work in tandem with our units, and what style of army you would probably be using them with. Thought it might be helpful, and might cause a nice bit of discussion. Without further ado, lets start from the top:

(Apologies for incoming wall of text)

Dark Magic - This Lore has an awesome damage potential, with lots of spell stacking capabilities rather balanced for uses on either end of the list spectrum. For a more shooty army that leaves combat til the last moment whilst avoiding any unfavorable match ups, this could be one Lore for you, assuming you've got plenty of other answers to 1+ saves. Alternatively, more combat heavy armies can rely on this doing the whittling shooting would do, and cancelling General/BSB is just asking for won combats to lead to dead units.

Sig - Power of Darkness - More power dice, never a bad thing. The +1S will barely ever come into play, but is a nice buff. More damage spells is, also, never a bad thing with this Lore.
Sig - Doombolt - Powerful, and dangerous, but requires 4 dice to cast outside of Lvl4 Mages, so think hard before dedicating dice to it.
1 - Chillwind - Worth throwing your last dice at if you've already used Power of Darkness, defensive and offensive vs gunlines with BS modifier. Use in combination with Word of Pain to nerf 2 units shooting, because we hate them.
2 - Word of Pain - Defensive, offensive, awesome spell, but doesn't have the damage, but very useful in so many situations. Boosted version recommended for hilariously stacking that one combat this kind of list will be trying to achieve.
3 - Bladewind - Vs Undead? Filth. Against your average enemy, still rather effective. Warriors laugh at this, and is generally not worth casting on them, due to tiny unit sizes
4 - Shroud of Despair - Downright best spell in the Lore, the thing that makes it so potent is the stacking effect
5 - Soul Stealer - Nice to counteract the potential damage of Power of Darkness, nice damage on Elves and Humans and downright HILARIOUS when cast by Malekith or Morathi, but if you're not taking it, or have a Life mage, or mainly face T4 enemies, leave Soul Stealer at home, generally not worth it.
6 - Arnzipal's Black Horror - Potentially very powerful, with spell combinations, but very difficult to pull off boosted Word of Pain and this in the same phase. Still worth taking for the blocking effects of Magic Vortexes, and against your average strength army, but be careful of that miscast, our strength sucks too.

Beasts - Should you be running a Pegasus Flock list, or multiple mounted characters in a Cold One Knight unit, this could be your Lore. Also good if running Monsters/Mounted lists, due to the attribute, and has some very nifty spells which should never be overlooked. A decent lore for a faster list

Sig - Wyssan's Wildform - Almost essential for any combat heavy army, good for literally every unit we could ever wish to throw into combat. Monsters? Black Guard? Witch Elves? Check.
1 - Flock of Doom - If you're taking this Lore, then this deals with chaff/makes a dent in warmachines, but if you don't already have ways to do this, you've probably not built your combat army right.
2 - Pann's Impenetrable Pelt - Like Lore description, if you've got a multiple Flying characters list or are blocking units from taking casualties with characters, or have a Stubborn Character roadblock (since our stubborn Dreadlords aren't exactly unkillable anymore).
3 - The Amber Spear - Hey, do you hate Daemon Princes, and other Flying/Non-Flying Monsters? We can help!
4 - Curse of Anraheir - Probably the best spell in the Lore, has the potential to be better than Dwellers vs S4 Frenzied units, due to it's ability to happen multiple times. You bait, should they fail, they have to take 2 loads (assuming your bait unit dies/loses, which it really should) of DT tests with 1/3 chance of failing, painful for those Savage Orc Hordes.
5 - Savage Beast of Horros - See Pann's Impenetrable Pelt.
6 - Transformation of Kadon - Undoubtedly awesome, but it doesn't really help our Sorceresses that much.

Death - Another Lore which provides the potential for more power dice, this one focusses more on the early game for it's peak of usefulness. Good for use on a Pegasus mounted Sorc or for a bunkered one keeping out of range for reprisal. Works with shooting armies by removing General/BSB and lowering Ld and T, and very nicely with a fast list too, removing the chain of command makes everyones day difficult. Also defensive armies will appreciate the monster killing goodness.

Sig - Spirit Leech - Reliable, only relies on 1 dice roll, and we have good enough Ld for it to be effective. Always worth taking.
1 - Aspect of the Dreadknight - Meh, at least it's easy to cast. Good enough to throw your last dice at to not have that one failed test screw up that combat you would've won vs the ogres.
2 - Caress of Laniph - Not so hot, but another option to snipe a Mage is good if Spirit Leech fails.
3 - Soulblight - A truly excellent spell. Always take this if you roll it. Unless you have Warlocks. Reducing S and T in combat and T in shooting makes astonishing levels of difference.
4 - Doom and Darkness - Your late-game tool. Throw it at anything you need out of the way, and after General/BSB is down, it will probably run away after shooting/combat.
5 - The Fate of Bjuna - Potentially very powerful, just hope you roll high on 2 dice instead of 1.
6 - Purple Sun of Xereus - Should only really be used early game if needed, to bait a scroll/leech out their dice to allow you to pick off characters.

Fire - Magical Artillery reportin' for duty sir! For use in a shooting army that wants more dakka, a mounted army that wants to have a backup plan in Watchtower, or an army that lacks the ability to deal with chaff or Regen, this is your Lore.

Sig - Fireball - Do I need to explain why you need this spell? Just remember, focus FIRE is your friend (see what I did there...)
1 - Cascading Fire Cloak - A descent defense if your bunker is attacked, but they may be dead by then anyway
2 - Flaming Sword of Rhuin - Good for Crossbows, good for Dark Riders in multiple phases, good for Reapers firing at Regenerating Monsters *cough chimerae*, good for Black Guard, I could go on. A really nice toolbox spell. Let your mind run wild.
3 - The Burning Head - Now it can be shot through combat, it's actually pretty good for mounted wizards. Hit along the rank of a horde and you'll take models off, fighting dirty is fun friends!
4 - Piercing Bolts of Burning - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH....... Seriously, unless you see really deep tarpits, and I mean REALLY deep, never take this spell.
5 - Fulminating Flame Cage - A great spell. Can also be cast on enemies in combat, if you see yourself losing and fleeing, they take more hits, and then more for reforming, allowing you to outmaneuver or simply charge the depleted unit. Also nice to hold big units you don't want moving in place.
6 - Flame Storm - Pretty cool for more damage vs big ol tarpits and horded infantry, kind've fail against anything else due to the single hit per model thing.

Heavens - The friend of the shooting army, because re-rolls are fun, as well as negative re-rolls on the enemy, and forcing the enemy to move backwards, or the army that hates shooting armies, because Comet. More of a tactical lore to use, plus the attribute is nice considering how many fliers there are now.

Sig - Iceshard Blizzard - Lots of nice debuffs to work with. Great multi use spell, helps in enemy shooting phase, and any combat.
1 - Harmonic Convergence - All to hit, to wound and armour rolls of a 1. Pretty much useless in combat for us (we're so spoiled), but nice on a bubble with defensive shooty lists.
2 - Wind Blast - The troll spell. Push smaller, faster units out of arc to see your units, push fanatics into terrain, moved units you don't want to fight back and ones you do forward. On a flying character, the possibilities are hilarious. Not important to make sure you get, just provides defensive armies with more options.
3 - Curse of the Midnight Wind - Forcing re-rolls gives a chance for the roll to fail, a pain in the backside of anyone it's cast on. Helps on units with low saves vs our AP shooting.
4 - Urannon's Thunderbolt - It's quite good. Only D6 hits, but S6 is nice. Single model chaff clearer, or a few hits on a big unit.
5 - Comet of Casandora - Causes large brown stains on the trousers of any close deployment. It also completely changes the opponents battle plan, moving to avoid the comet becoming somewhat of a primary concern.
6 - Chain Lightning - Another spell to put fear in the hearts of castling gunlines, with its bouncing ability. High casting value though

Life - Seeing as we have no real way of giving wounds back to the Kharibdyss, and an only semi-reliable one on the Hydra, would it not make sense to be able to restore Monsters to full fighting strength? A combat focused army with plenty of monster support and a nails Pegasus character can feel the love of Life the most, restoring wounds all over the place, as well as some of the nastiest spells in the game. Defensive bulwarks ho!

Sig - Earth Blood - Whilst only casters unit focused, which is pretty un-optimal for us, our casters should never be frontline unless they're flying, having a save past paper armour is a nice feeling.
1 - The Awakening of the Wood - Decent enough damage when buffed/enemy is in a wood, not the main spell you really want though.
2 - Flesh to Stone - Don't like T3 hordes eh? How about T5, or T7? What about T7/9 Monsters? T8/10 Shrine/Cauldron? With Life magic, anything is possible, and infinitely frustrating to get rid of.
3 - Throne of Vines - Yep, essential to unlocking the power of the Lore, and allows you to be more aggressive with your power dice.
4 - Shield of Thorns - Defensive boost, helpful for grinding larger units.
5 - Regrowth - Regrow many wounds on a Monster (awesome), or several dudes in a unit. Considering our squishy nature, this spell can be somewhat of a moot point at times on units, since sometimes D6+1 guys is just not enough to save a unit from being killed off, but it provides a decent enough way to bait dispel dice.
6 - The Dwellers Bellow - No description needed really...

Light - Whilst we have high I, WS and ASF across the board, this Lore is still awesome, and always worth considering for us.

Sig - Shem's Burning Gaze - Decent spell. Higher level is hard to cast but a very nice option. Either adds to magical shooting from coven or gives nice way to knock regen off things for other damaging spells.
1 - Pha's PROtection - A very small casting value, and very small leveled up version too, -1 to hit and non-BS shooting working only on a 4+ is incredibly good defensively. A very good way to protect any army in the first turn of the game from a powerful shooting phase. Sways combats pretty well too.
2 - Speed of Light - Whilst we generally are hitting first on 3's, this is more defensive against most enemies, from State Troops to Daemon Princes, and allows our re-rolls to hit vs everything but HE, who we get them against anyway, and the odd character.
3 - Light of Battle - Not so useful for our high Ld units for recovering a fleeing unit, but more useful to use a block of troops to hold an enemy in place whilst we maneuver around to flank. Tactics and stuff.
4 - Net of Amyntok - A nice way to prevent a Wizard in a unit from casting, the constant strength tests are funny.
5 - Banishment - Light Council is always very powerful in the current meta, and whilst our one isn't the cheapest, it is still potent. Keep your wizards reasonably close and you'll burn those Daemon Princes/Monsters/Steam Tanks/Units off the board like all the cool kids are doing these days.
6 - Birona's Timewarp - Whilst ASF is redundant, +1A and double movement is intensely powerful. Enough to give you a win in combat, and pretty much an automatic charge into the next one.

Metal - The toolbox lore. Provides a large middle finger to all non-Dragon Prince cavalry, and give us several spells which have very wide applicable uses. Call it the Anti-Metagame Lore.

Sig - Searing Doom - Unless you're fighting Beastmen, you'll probably be taking this spell to deal with Heavy/Monstrous Cav or whatever else looks at you funny. Nice for Chimerae in a pinch.
1 - Plague of Rust - Whilst this spell doesn't seem extremely amazing, look at it again. Reducing a 1+ to a 2+ PERMANENTLY is a huge difference for our army. Searing Doom still wounds on a 2+, but all our Armour Piercing shooting is actually reducing their save now. Also helpful for combatting such units, the save reduction from Executioners goes down to a 5+ after 1 casting. Very significant. Reducing a 2+ to a 3+ is even better, and so on. Great spell.
2 - Enchanted Blades of Aiban - +1 to hit and AP? On Executioners, Cold One Knights, Black Guard? I love it! Give me more. Oh, it works on ranged units too. Sure, we've already got AP on everything but handbows, but hey, +1 to hit is never to be sniffed at.
3 - Glittering Robe - A bubble-able 5+ scaly skin spell, turning all those squishy elves into units with actually pretty damned good saves.
4 - Gehenna's Golden Hounds - Has a niche use for targetting character in a unit that is as heavily armoured as he is, to try and grab a wound or two off him. Saving their character will cost hits on the unit, so that's not too bad really.
5 - Transmutation of Lead - -1 WS, BS and Armour Save. Does it help us vs Chaos Warriors? Yes. Does it help vs WS3 5+ saves? Yes. Whilst not permanent like Plague of Rust, it adds more bonuses for us, and the more you reduce a save, the more of a fun time Witch Elves and Black Guard have with their multiple attacks.
6 - Final Transmutation - The anti-horde spell of the Lore, 1/3 of a unit dead and forcing stupidity checks on all enemies in 12"? Why not? If you're feeling jammy, you can even bag characters or monsters. Balanced Dwellers some call it. It's nice to have in our toolbox.

Shadows - For crumping noobs, or something along those lines. Whilst it does have Mindrazor, it also has other spells, for those of you who didn't know, which are all generally pretty awesome. All list types benefit from its awesome blessings. High casting values though, something to consider.

Sig - Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma - So many potential uses, and such a low casting value, this is one of the best signature spells. BS to cripple shooting, WS to turn combat, I to grant yourself re-rolls (or combo with Pit), M to prevent retaliation from a unit
1 - Steed of Shadows - Whilst you may think that people who have access to Pegasi should't need this spell, it is an additional movement, and can put a sacrificial character in the way of a horde, or remove you from a sticky position after failing a march test, or put you in a good position for Pendulum-ing things.
2 - The Enfeebling Foe - -D3 S? Awesome! Remains in play too, which people often forget about if they don't use shadow much themselves.
3 - The Withering - -D3 T? Also awesome! Helps shooting and combat in potentially game breaking ways
4 - The Penumbral Pendulum - Probably the worst spell in the Lore due to the amount of variables in it's performing well. Still has potential to hit a few infantry with some S10 hits, or take some wounds off a monster, so it could be worse.
5 - Pit of Shades - Ogres hate it, Saurus hate it, most big monsters hate it, Undead hate it, Orcs hate it. Whilst it's not as potentially damaging as a Vortex, it's also less likely to kill you, which is nice. Great for luring dispel dice, and if it gets through taking a large hole out of any non-Elf/Chaos battleline.
6 - Okkam's Mindrazor - We all know how ridicu-awesome this is on Elves, move on.

Best overall Lores, regardless of list?
- Metal gives us plenty of bonuses, all across the spectrum (armour reduction, extra armour for us, +1 to hit and AP works great with Executioners), and gives us extra methods of dealing with armour, and we all know how essential that is. A more reliable Jack of all trades, giving you spells you will always find a use for (unless Beastmen).
- Shadow loses these ranged anti armour tools, and assists our shooting and combat efficiency more, through lowering of enemy S&T and through taking out tougher, low I threats without us having to waste precious bolts on them. Also Mindrazor.

Genrally solid Lores, which work well with particular list types:
- Light gives a lot of bonuses to elves. Whilst we can't abuse it like HE can, we still have the potential to have a nasty light coven to push out magic missile pain in a defensive list. Offence-wise, Light probably isn't your best Lore choice, it suits a list it can protect its Wizards with. Also has some potential in a more offensive list, but the Coven becomes a dangerous point sink in these less defensive lists.
- Dark Magic has nice potential, as well as 2 excellent signature spells, but it lacks -T spells, which are generally quite necessary for us, and seems like it's trying to do too much at once. A level 4 makes nice use of it, but if I was doing so, I would rather have Morathi than a usual Sorceress. Lots of potential for damage, but not necessarily as reliable for damage as Light or Fire. Another option is taking a L2 with Tome of Furion to guarantee Shroud of Despair.
- Death works great with hyper-offense, which we can do rather well with all our fast options. With the right spell layout, you get great diverse options for all stages of the game, a solid choice.
- Fire is generally a very solid Lore, only a couple of units per army have 2+ wards vs fire, and are usually very obvious, making your bombardment choices somewhat easier. 1 great non damage spell, but consider whether it's worth taking the Lore just for Flaming Sword.

Less recommended, but still legit Lores:
- Lore of Life seems to be trying to make Dark Elves something they aren't. The only things that it has going for it are Throne of Vines and Dwellers, which I wouldn't say were reasons enough to take it. It will work, don't get me wrong, but I feel it's a lore that encourages less tactical generalship, not what a Dark Elf general should be working with.
- Lore of Beasts only really works in a more gimmicky list. That list will work well with it, but it takes a particular general with a particular playstyle to make it work. Acceptable for a L1 just for Wildform in more balanced armies.
- Lore of Heavens is a really good lore, more people should take it, in all honesty, but our army doesn't generally benefit from it. That and one badly placed comet hurts us more than most enemies. It still benefits a very shooting focused army, but that is sometimes limiting.

That's my view on the Magic Lores for us Druchii, what do you think?

Oh No! Not Him Again!
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There are some really legit combinations with a lot of potential Ld shenanigans in our book. All the Terror causing units, the Bloodwrack Shrine, the Kharibdyss's Howl, Cry of War from a Death Hag/Hellebron, Dark Magic, D&D. Hell, even Aspect of the Dreadknight can be used by us for some more scary goodness. Magic combinations work well for us in other senses; getting off Power of Darkness and Wildform will turn any of our units into considerable threats, as it does with anyone else. Difference is, we have ASF and Murderous Prowess, meaning we take full advantage of this. I still recommend Fire as a Lore for a Supreme Sorceress, as all the spells but one (we all know who I'm talking about here) have some really nice uses. Say you have a Pegasus Fire Sorceress with some Warlock support. It's easy to get up Cascading Fire Cloak up with the odd spare die. People tend to forget about this spell, so you can charge chaff units off the table, since the 2D6 S4 hits happen at the end of the magic phase, and force their dispel dice out with Bubble Soulblights from the Warlocks. Lots of potential trickery, just as it should be!

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Yeah, Death is one of the nasty, nasty lores that we have available. There are times where I have considered Morathi so that I could take 3 spells from Shadow or Dark, and then take a shot from Death just to get the Sig Spell. At Ld10 and +D3 to cast, she can do a lot of damage with that one spell.

There is a lot of opportunity to combine Death with whatever else we'd like, and really hit people hard in the leadership department. Even if the enemy is Steadfast, Sisters of Slaughter, a Kharbidyss, and/or Death magic can turn the tide in our favor and see them packing.

Shadows is also good, and the lore that I take more commonly. It has always combined well with Elves of any stripe, and with Dark Elf shooting being worthwhile compared to their High Elf brothers, it's a huge boon to knock toughness by D3. I've been able to wound Chaos Warriors on a 2+ with RXBs, and scything through ranks like that was an amazing feeling.

Oh No! Not Him Again!
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Before the update, and now even, I dealt with large units in this way, pumping out 92 Repeater Xbow shots and taking a unit of Savage Orcs down from 40 to 4 is a particularly good feeling. Especially when I charge in the chariots to finish the unit. >=)

I know what you mean about Morathi though, she's definitely a legit choice. And because you don't have to write what Lores she's using down in your list, she is actually incredibly versatile. I'm going to write up a list based around Leadership destroying goodness I think, take advantage of all these lovely toys we've been given. Maybe even include her, a great way to force spells through. That and, should you use black horror and misfire, you've got a 2+ ward against the fatal error, so pretty legit for that too.
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