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a friend from a hobbyclub asked me to fit his nid models with magnets ( all his nid models, warriors, carnifex, gaunts,....). i have a budget to order magnets, but i need to get the right ones. i do have a site where i get them normally( amazing magnets). those are rare earth magnets, which are very strong.

the main pronblem is that a lot of the weapons and options are rather long and sticking out to the front. So i need to prevent them from moving a lot. with that i need the advice.

i was planning to use 3 mm disks with a thickness of 1.5 mm in the torso and either 1.5mm diam rods , lenght 1.5 mm or longer or the same disks in the arms.
does anyone here have experience wwith magnetic mounting those scything talons and venom cannon, etc? does anyone know if this setup can prevent the guns from sliding downwards? or that i need to fit extra torsionsupports?
any advice is appriciated.

preferrable ASAP as he likes to have his force done by end of april.
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