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Magnets and Models

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Hello all,

Before I start, I feel I should let everyone know this is not advertisement. I just want feedback so I can see if there is a market for an idea a friend and I came up with.

After getting frustrated at looking at the rising cost of collecting a WH40k army, I stumbled on a few posts on this forum about using magnets for various armaments so that you can have multiple configurations of model without actually buying multiple models. The Tau would really seem to benefit from this.

The Idea:
We were thinking that we maybe able to sell models that have the magnets pre-mounted. We would simply purchase models from GW and then add the magnets with very little or no assembly, then resale them at slightly marked up value to account for the magnets and our time, possibly $US10 over the GW price.

I will personally be doing this for my Space Marines. I plan to purchase a Predator as well as the extra spru that makes a Rhino into a Whirlwind. The total cost for this off the GW website would be $US52. We would charge around $US65 (as opposed to the $US80 it would take to purchase both models). All upgrades (i.e. smoke launchers) would also be removable.

Would people be interested in this? And if so, which models in which armies would be best suited for this purpose? We are currently only familiar with the Tau and the Space Marines. Is $US10 to much or would you pay even more? We haven’t even tried this yet so if people think this would be a waste of time I am open to criticism as well.
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I'm not sure how well your idea would work on a large scale, but I do know people locally that will magnetize models for money--so the theory, at least, seems sound. I don't know what rates are reasonable--I magnetize my own stuff, so I'm not sure I'd pay for the service.

It's certainly an idea, though. It's harder than it looks to get those magnets in there (my poor land raider needs a lot of work before its Hurricaine bolters will look natural) and it's really cool when its done well. I'll bet you could make some money off of this if you could find a way to market it well, or had a large local player population and could rely entirely on word-of-mouth.
Im not sure what the exchange rate is, but Games Workshop prices are already very high. The most I would want to pay is about £5 more than retail price.

Other than that you would see al ot of business from me!
I didn't think to include other currency in my initial post, but $US10 would be roughly
5.75 pounds
13.50 $au
11.50 $ca
8.35 euro

Sorry for that.
I had thought about the possibility of doing magnetized stuff. Heck I even bought the domain name (did you know that a magnetmini is a term for hot rod cars? Hmmm) Anywho, it seemed that there hasn't been a large amount of people selling magnetized stuff on like ebay or whatnot.

The ones that did really well were the special characters that were also well painted. I saw a magnetized ultramarine captain guy (eldar player here) that went for like 100-300 US dollars.

It could work, give it a shot.

As for me, I love the magnets and use them a lot, especially on for my heavy weapons multi-choice items.

I sincerely doubt that you would get enough business to make it worth your time. For 10$, anyone can buy enough magnets to magnetize an entire army. And, speaking from experience, magnet mounting doesn't add much time to the building process.

You can use magnets very well with SM, Tau, and Nids. I can't comment on the other armies.

If you do this, and you pull it off successfully, I would love to hear about it.
Good Luck!
can i jsut ask what types of magnet do you use for warhammer models, and where can i get them from?
I ordered Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets from . Their website says they do have international shipping. But you maybe able to find these magnets for sale somewhere in the UK. Just search for neodymium magnets.

As a side note, I got directions on how to do this from this article:
(I think A1parts is a Canadian magnet supplier)
well, i have decided that i definately wil be trying this, perhaps with my Dark Eldar Lord. I am definatley going to need to get some of these magnets. Although i think that the magnets might have to be smaller on my Dark eldar coz they are a lot smaller than The Tau things that he was doing it for. Perhamps 1/16'' or 4/16'' or about that size
I second the suggestion--that's where I got mine, and they rock.
As to magnet sourcing, I have had the best luck with K&J Magnetics. I've tried A-1 and also Amazing magnets and I got the best service from K&J - basically they ship orders REALLY fast. I am not a patient person, so not having to wait very long makes me happy.

I don't know if I would pay someone else to magnetize my figs for me, but that's because I already know how to do it myself, and have done extensive magnetic mounting throughout my army. I love me some magnets. :wub:

However, some of my friends have asked me to help them rig up magnetic mounts on their stuff, because they don't have the confidence, skills and/or tools to do it themselves. Also on these forums I often see posts from people who aren't sure how to procede, or are scared they might mess up their valuable fig mounting the magnets. People like this are probably your target market. It seems like magnetic mounting is becoming more popular too, as more and more people find out just how useful it can be. So you may really be on to a great little business idea. Go for it, and let us know how it works out!
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Just thought I would let everyone know that I sat down and attempted magnet mounting for the first time. I used a SM land speeder. This was my first vehicle model that I ever built and it was not very well put together or painted. I gave up half way through the paint process. So with very little attachment to the vehicle I decided it was going to be the one I test on. I put magnets in the multi-metla and the heavy bolter and then one on the crew member holding the weapons. I must say it worked fabulously! I'll post pics tomorrow when I am more awake. It was easy and I think I'll purchase a SM Predator and a Whirlwind next and see what that is like with magnets. If it goes well I'll run a test auction on Ebay and see if there is interest.

Thanks for the feedback so far and I would like to hear more if anyone else has suggestions or comments!
Land Speeder with Magnets

Here are pictures of the Land Speeder I put magnets on last night. The magnets are not 1/8" as described in the article I referenced earlier, but are 3/32". Even though they are small, they are quite strong enough to hold the model together. I used a Dremel tool to make the hole to put the magnet in. I also did not use a 1/16" pilot hole as the Dremel couldn't hold such a small bit. The hardest part was putting the magnet in the crew members hands since that piece of plastic was so small. I ended up putting a notch on the inside edge and just putting a lot of super glue in the hole to hold the magnet in place. So here are the pics, and I apolgize for the horrible painting job, this was my first model I painted.

Heavy Bolter with magnet:

Heavy Bolter and Multi-melta with magnets:

Land Speeder with magnet (the magnet is actually larger than the plastic holding the two hands together, so I only notched it from one side so there is still a little plastic in front of the magnet):

Here's the Land Speeder with the Multi-melta attached:

Here's the Land Speeder with the Heavy Bolter attached:

Here is a size comparison for how small the magnet is. Two magnets together are strong enough that when I shook the model as hard as I could, the weapons did not fall off (but another part did, poor glue joint :( )

A note of caution for those attempting this for the first time, be careful of the polarity of the magnets. It would be really bad if you glued the magnets in only to find out that one is backwards so that the weapon flys off instead of staying put. I used a marker to mark the ends that go together. You can see the ink left on the heavy bolter in the first picture.

After I work on the Predator/Whirlwind I'll post a tutorial on how I did it.
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Nice work!

To get around the polarity issues, once I have mounted the first magnet, say in the vehicle itself, I use that magnet to hold the next magnet when I set it into the weapon. (I hold a wooden popsicle stick between the two magnets so the glue won't touch the original magnet, and I can lift the weapon off and set it aside to dry.) That way the polarity is gauranteed to line up. If you are consistant with this you will have all your models done with the polarity lined up the same way - all the guns should be mountable on all the vehicles. I tried going through and painting one terminal (which was pretty hard in and of itself) orange so I'd have a visual indication of the polarity, but I found that the paint chipped off too easily to be reliable.

Speaking of magnets on a landspeeder, a buddy of mine magnetically mounted the torso of the gunner and made another "dead" gunner torso (caught some bolter fire to the chest and head) to swap in when he gets a weapon destroyed results. It's really sweet.
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Article Posting Woes

So instead of doing a predator/whirlwind magnetic conversion, I did a Dreadnought with all removable parts (including the front sarcophagi plates!).

I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to do this, but I am having problems posting the tutorial as an article as I was directed to:

So instead of being given directions on how to handle this, I was initially given a link to post my article. I did post it (took 30 minutes to write), then the article never appeared and the post was edited to remove the helpful link. Finally an admin told me to register first and then post. I did register, but I still can't find where to post. I can't ask again where to post since the admin closed the thread.

So if someone would be kind enough to tell me on which page and on what I must click on to be able to post this tutorial as an article I would be much obliged.
I looked around a bit and I think you are supposed to e-mail your article to [email protected].

This is not something I have tried myself though, so maybe someone else could give you better advice.:|
Thanks for replying loosestrife. For some reason they went ahead and posted my article anyways.

I still don't know the procedure really.

Thanks again!
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