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Maneater in 2k games?

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As anyone tryed a unit of 3-4 maneater in a 2 k games and how did they fare?
Because at 85 pts a model:wacko: (before equipements) they seem a little bit pricy for a 2k game.

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I was wondering that myself. Their stats are 'bout the same as a buriser, so they're gonna be tough. But the points! To me ogres have lots of cool stuff that they only wish they could afford :( I guess teaches us a lesson on efficiency and prioritization. I only hope that when I finish my army when my taxes come back that I chose wisely.

My personal opinion is that they're too pricey for 2000 pts, but as I've yet to play my ogre army that's not a reliable source.
I would say to use the Rare choices and points on Gorgers, They are IMO really fun to play with espically if you place it behind an empire handgun unit :yes:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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