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Marching on Vraks (Krieg! Glory Awaits! P36)

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This thread is going to cover the progress of two armies, maybe more, taking part in the horrific siege of Vraks. I will be completing a mech Death Korps list with plenty of armoured support! Next up in the thread will be a nice air cav Elysian list from Flayedone.

Ive spent the last few weeks messing around with basing materials and spending lots of money! I nearly have the enture force in boxes. Just need to get three chimeras and two mars alpha hulls at the meet and Im ready to rumble.
I want my bases to look like wet mud, plenty of different colour variation. I want to make some special bases with mine field markers and barb wire on, perhaps an odd one with a mine on too!

Here are some tests! Mixes of soils, sands, wall filler, plaster and general oddments!

Mistake made! The top fell off!

I think I will be proceeding with this one. Soil, varish, various washes of greens and some spot varnishes too.

More to follow soon, I will post some snaps of the horde of forgeworld bags and cheap/free tanks FW sent me.

For Krieg!

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Just spent a very enjoyable hour skimming through this thread. Well done so far guys a very impressive hobby thread. The detta's look great as does the muddy bases. Keep up the good work.
Looking good overall Dan, but the kneeling guy still looks like he is giving the wheel CPR to me, maybe move him to the side and have him pressing down on a lever that is under the wheel? Matus's idea might also work.
They are great man, those signs just add so much character to models which are already dripping with it.
I don't know the exact technical name for them but I love those recoll arc things. Looking forward to seeing it painted.
Those are the trench rails, they stop the tank rolling its self onto its top when driving over and through trench systems.
Lol so not only did I not know their name, I didn't even know what they were for!

Looking forward to seeing news stuff Dan.
Smashing Dan, really well done.

How did you find working with the oils? I've been itching to try some since I bought the Forgeworld Modelling Masterclass book.
Oils are awesome. You must get Raw and Burnt umber, then get some that contrast and compliment your base colour.

And what about using them in general? Are they difficult to use? What about cleaning your brushes etc? I'm sure I'd have to stop licking my brush to keep a point.
Smashing work Dan. I love the army pics on the WW tables, they look like the badass Guard they have always been depicted as in the background. The type of men who throw themselves on barbed wire so their buddies can use them as a bridge to advance.

You've knocked this one out of the park.
*..........squeals with joy!

Congratulations on finishing up the Kreig Dan. You're going painting them as Iron Warriors aren't you? You can't resist a good hazard stripe!
1 - 11 of 591 Posts
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