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Marine Player Switching to Orks

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Like the title says, I've been a Marine player for a while now and I really need a bit of a change! I wanted to go for a horde army and with Tyranids just around the corner I really didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, Guard just don't appeal to me in the slightest so I figured it'd be fun to bash stuff over da 'ead wiv some Orks.

The reason for my post is some questions I have about list composition. I find that the majority of the lists I come up with are primarily troop lists with a few elites, very occasionally a few fast attack choices will sneak in and so far I am not considering any Heavy Support units! This flies in the face of my experience with Marine lists where Heavy Support units are worth their weight in gold (most of the time). So I just wanted to check with some experienced players if this is a common Orky philosophy on list building?

I'm thinking a single unit of 20 shoota boys including 2 big shootas (no Nob), supported by two large (25+) units of slugga boys with PK Nobs will be the core of the army, how does that sound? I'm interested in being competitive but I do want to play fluffy and nothing feels more Orky to me than a mass of Green trudging across the battlefield in the hope of getting into Assault.

Finally Lootas and Kommandos are the order of the day in the Elite slots, one full unit of each and Snikrot in with the Kommandos. I'm going to have Nob Bikers on standby as I have the models but a unit is just so expensive I doubt I'd want to filed them in an army less than 2000pts and I don't play too many games of that size.

Does all that sound like a pretty usual list building philosophy for a wannabe Death Skullz Warboss?
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Hey fudal78,

Welcome to da Waaaugh!!

First things things first.

1. Yes, Orks are typically most effective when the main force is Boyz with an occasional side order of Gretchin (mainly used for standing on Objectives)!!
The only other real Troops that Orks can use are Nobs or Nob Bikers if you have a Warboss or two. Nobs are good as well, but due to everyone loading them up with unique equipment load-outs to make them effective...even a small unit can become quite expensive.
Because of their low LD and initiative, you Need as many Boyz as you can get!! Unless you're loading up some Trukks, I would never take less than 20x Boys per squad. Shoota boyz are generally considered more effective than regular Sluggas because they get Assault 2 S4 Weapons. Even at BS 2, you're going to get a lot of 5+ when you roll 40+ dice, so they more options than just moving and assaulting.
No matter what size of Boyz squad you have, you ALWAYS, ALWAYS want to have a Nob with a PowerKlaw in the mix. Aside from a few specialized units and transports, the entire Ork Codex revolves around various PK delivery systems. Boyz are basically cannon-fodder to get that Nob with the Nasty PK into battle.

2. Aside from Boyz, you will definitely want Lootas. With 48" range and d3 S7 AP4 shots, you can do some serious damage to light vehicles and high toughness units. Kommandos can also be effective with Snikrot so your on the right track there.

3. You are also correct in assuming that Orks don't rely that much on Heavy Support. Killa Kans and Looted Wagons are probably the main Offensive units in Heavy Support. Battlewagons are great transports and can make effective offensive units when loaded up with 20x Shoota Boyz. Deffrollas and Big Shootas are also good options.

Long story short, you seem to be on the right track for starting an Ork army, just make sure you get Nobs with PK in every unit that can possibley take one!
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Foot Orks are very one dimensional and suffer against mech, but if you're ok with that go nuts.

If you're doing foot, Shoota boyz are all you need for Troops, Sluggas suck on foot. The extra range helps a lot, plus they're still ok in assault. Always take the PK.

After that, add Lootas to help nail armor, Grots to provide cover, Koptaz or Buggies to give you mobile firepower, and either Big Gunz to provide more firepower or Kanz to run out front and give your Boyz cover. For your HQ, I'd recommend Ghazgkhul for his 6" Waagh!l or 2 Biker Bosses to help nail heavier armor by jumping out of units.
Thanks for the comments guys, glad to hear I'm in the right area in my thinking. I'll post a list in the lists section!
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