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Like the title says, I've been a Marine player for a while now and I really need a bit of a change! I wanted to go for a horde army and with Tyranids just around the corner I really didn't want to jump on the bandwagon, Guard just don't appeal to me in the slightest so I figured it'd be fun to bash stuff over da 'ead wiv some Orks.

The reason for my post is some questions I have about list composition. I find that the majority of the lists I come up with are primarily troop lists with a few elites, very occasionally a few fast attack choices will sneak in and so far I am not considering any Heavy Support units! This flies in the face of my experience with Marine lists where Heavy Support units are worth their weight in gold (most of the time). So I just wanted to check with some experienced players if this is a common Orky philosophy on list building?

I'm thinking a single unit of 20 shoota boys including 2 big shootas (no Nob), supported by two large (25+) units of slugga boys with PK Nobs will be the core of the army, how does that sound? I'm interested in being competitive but I do want to play fluffy and nothing feels more Orky to me than a mass of Green trudging across the battlefield in the hope of getting into Assault.

Finally Lootas and Kommandos are the order of the day in the Elite slots, one full unit of each and Snikrot in with the Kommandos. I'm going to have Nob Bikers on standby as I have the models but a unit is just so expensive I doubt I'd want to filed them in an army less than 2000pts and I don't play too many games of that size.

Does all that sound like a pretty usual list building philosophy for a wannabe Death Skullz Warboss?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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