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I thought I'd give marines a go. I'm not up for a detailed batrep so if you're after a quick read you're in luck.

Space Marines
Master - terminator armour, pair of lightning claws, auspex, purity seals 137
4 Terminators - 2 assault cannons 200

6 Marines - lascannon, plasmagun 115
8 Marines - lascannon, plasmagun 145
10 Scouts - vet with honours and pfist 158

LST - assault cannon, heavy bolter 80
LST - assault cannon, heavy bolter 80

Whirlwind 85

Alpha Legion
Lieutenant - MoCU, pair of lightning claws, frags, flight, visage, infiltrate, furious charge 126

8 CSM - MoCU, heavy bolter, plasmagun, bolters, infiltrate 143
8 CSM - MoCU, AC with pfist and spiky bits, bolt pistols, infiltrate 166
8 CSM - MoCU, AC with pweapon and strength, 2 flamers, bolt pistols 168

6 Raptors - MoCU, AC, 3 meltaguns, infiltate 229

6 Havocs - 3 missiles launchers, infiltrate, tank hunters 168

Secure and Control Gamma

I move the 6 man squad right, the terminators left. I kill a couple of hb/plas marines with my 8 las/plas marines.

The lieutenant assaults my 6 man squad, kills 4, I pass ld.

My termies assault lieutenant, but the lieutenant kills 3 so i get no attacks, the marines run off the board.

Meanwhile my lst's have moved up. One on the right edge above the wall shoots at and kills 2 CSM in the flamer unit. The other shoots at the raptors behind the forest and kills 1. My las/plas marines kill another hb/plas CSM.

So in his second turn, the flamer squad goes after the lst on the far right, assaulting and stunning it, also destroying the assault cannon. The havocs move to the right, the raptors also move right to behind the northern square building, destroying both the assault cannon and heavy bolter on the other LST, it hides south for most of the game.

The hb/plas CSM move south towards his lieutenant. His lieutenant kills the last termie, my master kills the lieutenant. He consolidates up, then moves, then assaults the hb/plas marines, kills 3, they pass ld and pile in.

My whirly hits the raptors, and kills 2, while my lascannon gets another. They fail ld and run off the board.

The scouts move towards the flamer unit, failing to roll a high enough difficult terrain roll to make the assault. The flamer marines shoot and kill 4 scouts, they run. They then assault the scouts, they pass ld, 2 scouts die, 2 marines die.

In the other combat my master kills the 2 marines, and moves up. He assaults the havocs, killing 3, but not before the whirlwind kills 1.

Meanwhile the scouts have all died, leaving 2 marines left, including the AC with strength. They fail to hurt the LST.

The other unit of CSM assaults and kills my master, losing 1. The havocs move to get LOS of the left objective.

My whirly moves to behind the square building, my lst on the right moves towards the right objective, my marines move onto the south objective.

The havocs move to gain better LOS of the left objective, the 2 marines against fail to hurt the lst.

My whirly and weaponless lst capture the left objective, my other lst captures the right objective. The flamer marines capture the north objective. A missile launcher fails to destroy the whirly, but the CSM on the right destroy an LST.

Victory to Space Marines 666 kill vp's and 750 objective vp's to 690 kill vp's and 375 objective vp's = win by 351 vp's.

Had the alpha legion player not made the mistake and let my scouts run off the board, it would have been a draw.

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Very nice batrep, gotta love it when the Loyalists pull off a win against Chaos. Masterfull play with the Master.
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