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marks and painting rules

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i want to use the mark of tepok, but i don't really want my saurus to be purple. i want their spine to be red.

if i paint there spine red do i
A: have to use sotek
B: not be able to use tepok

with my friends i can just tell them, but when it comes to a tourney what should I do?
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You don't have to paint the Spawnings in the described colours. You can pick your own.

Of course you can use a different tint of red, instead of blood red. ;)

thanks araith, i will go ahead and keep painting them the way i like.
On another forum I heard that you can paint the unit's standard the color of the spawning you want, and then just say that the unit is either blessed or not blessed.
That's also a viable option. There are no specific rules for that, so you can let your imagination and creativity run wild.
What would you think of marks on the shields? Each god has a not-too-intricate symbol.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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