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Master Mime???

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Ok, so the mastermime can drop in wherever he wants right? According to EO rules BTW. But if he is added to a squad of mimes, can they all teleport in?
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No one responds? BAH!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
I don't even know what a mastermime is. I thought the only rules were in the codex on, and they didn't include mimes. But if you read the universal special rules in the BGB, I'm pretty sure it says that deepstrike and infiltrate are lost by a unit joined by a character without them, and they are also lost if a character with them is joined by a unit.
I would help but I don't play EO rules :tongue:

And broken spoons is right, just like if you had the striking scorpions phoenix lord join a squad they don't all gain infiltrate just cause he has infiltrate. The whole squad has to have the ability and you can't attach an IC to a squad prior to arriving I believe unless it's his retinue.
The way the rules are Written no the mimes cannot. BUT he does not have to be deployed with the Mimes. So the Trick is. You get your mimes infiltrated and into position then when your opponent writes them off to focus on other things(solitare and you know it) BOOM infiltrate a mastermime in and you now have a tooled up monster in with the mimes. bet he didnt think of that =) and with the mimes on the board and him in reserve you still get disruption rolls.

Also in my experience Master Mimes are HORRENDOUS at character assasination. Infiltrate him in some nearbye terrain and Assualt that Pissant Sorcerer or Librarian. Give em a stormglove and if you manage to roll a 6.... well.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I really dont like the whole mastermime thing, although they were mentioned in the original chapter approved codex harlequin, they were never available as part of the list, it always kind of stuck in my throat as an EO invention
Loki, Dont chya love the EO rules? Lol. :yes:
Yea their Sexy. I have a 3k Harlie allied with 3k Necrons vs 6k of chaos this weekend. I love that even in a 3k point army im still friggin tiny BTW a nasty little something. Use a Warlock APrrentice Group with all powerweapons and flip belts. Throw a Shadow Seer with viel of tears and misdirection in. I like to give my shadowseer's all 4 familiars(expensive but deadly) it adds up to around 36 Powerweapon attacks that hit most on a 3 and reroll wounds on a charge. Point them at something and watch it die. THis QUICKLY adds up in points.

As for the Master Mime. He is Sexy. Lets just agree on that. He makes a SUPERB tank hunter. Give him a Neuro majigger and some Haywires. Infiltrate him and watch tanks get Stunned. Now you auto hit them. aww haywire KABLOOIE
I like the way you think. :w00t: Thanks for the Advice.:yes:
Teehee yea im a real prick in 40k. I have all kinds of Underhanded and weird ways to play.

Death Jesters are awesome whats to say about them except give them the Poofter(goes down smoother than Phase Shifter) not to mention its just great fun to Roll 3 6's and yell POOFT.

I insert Harlie tidbits into every post. Phear the sage advice of the killer clowns from outer space
Lol, I am quoting you on that.

Your Awesome! I wish there was a friends list here lol. WE should talk on AIM one day.:shifty:
would be more than happy to. Lemme Figure out how to send a PM on the board and I'll send you my SCreenie
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