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Mastering SM and I gaurd

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Hey I have some neighborhood friends whoplay 40k, one has orks and I gaurd the other has SM (no specific chapters) the player with the 2000 IG is mostly going with heavyweapons teams, each of his infantry squads has a HWT and he has 2 platoons of infantry. He is also going with a Basilisk and Leman Russ (no demo) I don't know exactly what he has except for that. The SM has a Land Raider, a Whirlwind I think. command squad, 2 tactical squads, and an assault squad (not 2000)
I have 2 FW teams 2 14man Kroot, Ethereal, AunShi, 2 railheads, 1 Fish w/ pathfinders (2 rail guns) 3 man broadside and a 3 man crisis (TW MP, MPw/PR, BCw/PR)


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Well, Ig is the easiest thing ever. Lots of pie plates. Stealth will just chew the heck outta their troops. Crisis suits with a fustion blaster and a flamer can be suprisingly effective (no multi-tracker, you either drop next to a tank, or next to troops).
The IG player must have something besides a basilisk, an LR, and 2 platoons in 2000 points. It is possible he's spent a lot of points on useless upgrades, making his IG force semi-elite, which is good news for you because it keeps his numbers down without drastically improving his troops' abilities.

Some recommendations: Do not deploy the broadsides as a trio. That's a big point sink and one that's pretty vulnerable to either IG or SM. A single BS is good for controlling a lane, but three, not so much. Break the Crisis suits into three separate units instead of one squad (an HQ and 2 elites). You can take or leave the ethereal.
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