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Well hello all their :)... the name's matt, and as u can tell, im new to the site. I have been playing warhammer (both 40k and fantasy) for about 6 years now, but i got off it for about half a year then just recently came back (like this week recently) i bought the box set for cadians, a couple captins, and a chimira to start off my army... and well i have been painting for about 3 hours (while watching movies) and i got to say, cadians are a pain in the ars to paint, im not even done one guy and i havn't even started highliting yet :(, so i decided to take a break and look up some wh on the internet and found this site, looks quit good, hope i will stay awhile :).... well so far the army's i have had are...

1) Eldar
2) Dark Eldar
3) Space Marine (Dark Angels)
4) Eldar (again)
5) Imperial Guard (Cathacan)
6) Orks
7) Imperial Guard (Cadians)

1) Chaos
2) Britonia
3) High Elf
4) Orks and Goblins

I also got one Necron, imortal i think it is (havn't looked at my old stuff yet) that i got to paint for fun

so i have try'ed out a few armys in the past, although i gave away ALOT of my stuff to younger kids because i thought i would never get back into this (dunno why i thought that) so i only got bits and peices left.... and whoa sorrie for the long post, but just thought i would let the world know a bit about me... also how do i put up a avatar and stuff? plz help me :)

later days
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