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mechanised over footslogger

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i've seen alotta list in this forum with mech sisters and i thought i wouldfind out just what about them makes em so good?. why do you take a mech sister force what units do you take in it, is it pure soriatas or mixed and a rundown of tacs would be nice.
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A mech army allows you to deal with mission objects quicker than on foot (sometimes you may never reach them, getting to the other side of the board for example), in addition, as cher mentioned, make use of flamers in a more effective manner (12" move, disembark 2" and fire up to 8", better than move 6") It also gives good protection against those faster armies (DE) as you won't be so liable to being assaulted and you can almost match up to their speed so they don't dominate the feild.
wow cool painting. My own storm troopers look abit like that. That colour scheme is actually quite popular :)
Storm Troopers are great :O
Well not as good as sisters but they are still great.

Im sure you already know about some of the potent weaponary they can bring in but also consider the shotgun.

- A full squad of ten is able to shoot off 20 shots. But on top of that they are able to assualt to lay on top another 20 attacks. In general 40 chances to deal damage is alot.
- You can also replace one of the troopers with a sergant and go for power weapon and pistol for more killing ability.
- Also consider you can give two storm troopers and the Veteran Grenade Launchers. Not only are these range 24" for constant hail of fire but it's also an assualt type weapon. Going back to the shotgun and assualt method you can add up to 3 blast markers on top of 14 other shots, then assualt.
- Also consider the transports, chimeras have two heavy weapons in addition to whatever upgrades they can take. These are really good cheap fire support vehicals as well with a superior sheild to the rhino due to higher front armour. Even the rhino can offer scary amounts of firepower, a hunter killer and an additional storm bolter.

In general do not only take into consideration their low armour save and weapon strength, take careful thought in shear volume of attacks and general support roles they can take up.
With a transport if you get the last turn you can go for a last minute rush for the objective, even without the last turn a chimera offers enough protecion to ward off shots.
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1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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