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After the many changes we had over the last year, multiple exchange over owners, departure of old mods and the recruitment of new I felt it time to update the role call!

This is a comprehensive guide to the moderation team here on Librarium-Online and their respective forums.

Admins have the power to edit anything and everything on the forums as well as stuff behind the scenes.

These are the next step down from Admins. They have the power to edit members, posts, forums. Almost everything on the forums that can be edited, they can do it. It is also from these members that the awards can be issued.

Currently, there are no supervisors.

Super Moderators
These moderators have the power to do many things that the Supervisors are capable of, but not everything. They do have the power to edit posts all over the forums. However many of them have 'home forums' that they police.

These members have the powers to alter posts and threads in specific forums, and only those ones.


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