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Meodeling a first company...

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Would It make sence fluffy wise if you modle a whole Ultarmarine army after a first company?

The army would use terminators for elites, troops would have traits that give them furius assault(sorry I dont have my codex present) and are painted like vetrans, and you would use dreadnoughts for heavy support.

What do you think? I'm thinking about touching up my army to represent the Ultramarines first company.
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Well, 1st company only has elites, and you wont have any troops. and it seems well. Ultramarines follow the codex, so NO TRAITS.
Unfortunately this isn't a legal army, it could be done with traits but as squeaks said the ultramarines are a codex chapter.

Also you could only have 30 terminators in a standard FOC and the Ultramarines have at least 100 (or at least did during the battle for macragge).
It certainly holds merit. With a little imagination you could paint the tactical squads normally (or even with white helmets if you wanted!), take terminators and/or veterans for elites (dreadnaughts also but you are limited to 2 or 3 slots).

Land raiders could be the heavy support with a few predators.
It's a perfectly legitimate plan. If you were to take traits, you wouldn't officially be an Ultramarines army and thus couldn't take any special units if you stick strictly to the rules. However, I don't see any problems with painting up everything in UM colors, using a trait to make your troops 'elites', a trait to take Dreadnoughts as heavy support choices, and calling them Ultramarines.
You guys are right I would not be Ultramarines... I would be Ultramarines first chapter.. adn giveing the tac squads the same traits bost their points up and makes them praticaly identical to vet squads.
Waitasecond! You mean to tell us that GW wrote some fluff that isn't playable in the game?? *GASP*

Pardon my sarcasm. Not being able to play a First Company list, even though it exists in the fluff, is just another one of those things that keeps me from reading the fluff. If I read it, I would find a lot more things like that and they would eventually make me so mad that I would stop playing. :rolleyes:
Thats to point makeing it playabole.
I thik I have it as close as its guna get.
Go Dark Angels. We have no issue playinng with the 1st company. 8)

Though it does annoy me to see Wolfwing armies and 1st company armies that have sword of secrets, stubborn, and that hunt the fallen...
Nahh, I love Ultramainres.
Couldn't you have 40 - 30 for elites and 10 for a command squad then you can have a captian in terminator armour then you could just paint your normal troops as veterans and say it is the first company. It wouldn't be that hard.
If you read my post that exactly what I want to do.:yes:
Also give them furius assault like vets have.
I did read your post but if you wanted to maintain the CODEX you could just paint them liek that, just spoke up cause others were given you a hard time about it. No harm done
Oh I see. Thanks.

Weel to make it even closer to vets I was going to use the traits, then just call my army the first company if some one gets there panties in a bunch.
Do the ultramarines vetrans ever use Jump packs?
I need a way to use my assault squad.
I'm pretty sure that some of them must. A veteran company must have veterans from assault squads (probably a few less but some) who would likely still use their packs.
Yeah, this is whare Im stretching it by trying to include assault squads and maybee even tanks.
although tanks dont sound to bad.
If you want to include tanks there's nothing wrong with that per se, but if you do you have to have at least one land raider.
That works, maybee just two dreadnought and a crusader for my heavy support.
Don't forget that in Ultramarine armies dreads are elite, not heavy support (your wording suggested otherwise).

If you are using dreads in a heavy support role, thats okay.
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