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Metal Lightning Claws: Solution to Bending

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Does anyone here have any quick solution to stop metal lightning claws from bending? besides being uber careful.

This sounds crazy but should i take a old brush, a tiny tiny bit of super glue and brush it on to where the claws meet the hand? does this work (btw the claws are not primed yet, so we wont worry about frosting)
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My metal claws dont bend much unless I intentionally try to bend them. Do you handle them rough or something? I don't know of that super glue thing would work, but I'm thinking no since super glue flakes off pretty easily.
no im not rough with them, only i fiddled and got them PERFECTLY straight, and now that they are perfectly aligned i dont want them to more in the slightest.
theres nothing you can really do other than take extra care when using your model and transporting him. I thought the claws are rather strong and dont bend that easy so unless your not transporting them properly or misusing them in a rough manner you shouldnt have problem
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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