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things will change
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Well hello again, my deal project forum viewers!
It's been a while since I've posted anything of any use to anyone in here, eh?

Well, no longer!

I have decided that, having a week off work, I shall achieve something with it.

So, my 500pts Circle Oroboros Hordes army shall be finished by the end of the week.
Sounds hard huh?
I suspect it wouldn't be to anyone except me...

So, I guess the first port of call would be to write up what my 500pts army actually is.
It's this:
  • Kromac the Ravenous, Tharn Warlock (2 models, 'human' and 'beast' forms)
  • Pureblood Warpwolf, Alpha Heavy Warbeast [FINISHED]
  • Woldwarden, Heavy Warbeast [FINISHED]
  • Gorax, Light Warbeast
  • Tharn Wolfriders, Light Cavalry (3 models inc. leader)
  • Sentry Stone & 3 Mannikins, Solos (4 models) [FINISHED]
  • Shifting Stones (3 models) [FINISHED]

So, we can see I have only 6 models left to paint, the Wolfriders (PP's pictures *here*), Kromac (pics *here* and *here*), and my converted Gorax (converted 'cos the original model is ugly as sin, as seen *here*).

I suppose next I should show you the models I have completed thus far...
So, the Pureblood:

The Woldwarden (who has had a little more work done since this pic was taken):

The Shifting Stones:

The Sentry Stone:

The Mannikins:

More pics of everything Circle (well, everything I've done) can be seen in my photobucket album *here*

So, progress for monday was:
Undercoated everything.
Based everything, minus grass. Possibly a little more work needs to be done on the various bits of wood and stone on the bases.
Basecoated Gorax dark brown, and drybrushed fur.

Hopefully I'll get some pics of progress up later today or tonight, otherwise look for something tomorrow!



The other Kind of Fluff
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Already so many responses! And I thought I was going to be one of the first.

Very good work as always.

things will change
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Looks awersom Minus_t. I cant wait to see the Kromac model. Are you going to model with his axes swinging out or layed at his side? I might just have to get into this game too, it looks cool.....
Rather handily, I don't have to decide.
He is both models, one as a human (well, Tharn), and one as a beast.
Think were-wolf style thing, only entirely(ish) under control.

Thanks for all the support fellas (and fella-ettes, should any of you be such), I have made progress (tm) today, by painting the skin of my Gorax, and deciding that I don't like the fur colour.
I'm rather boldly going to say that I'll have pics of him up tonight...


edit: Yeah, that was a lie.
I got sidetracked by writing a battle report from my game earlier (*here* btw), and am now tired.
Pics shall occur tomorrow morning though!


PS. Kuffeh smells.
Of poo.

Also unpainted models.

things will change
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Double posting eh?

I must have news!

In fact, I do.
I have painted things, huzzah!

The Gorax is finished, as are the wolf bits of the Wolfriders.
I am apologising in advance for the pics. They are rubbish.
Some are out of focus and everything.

I will try and get better ones tomorrow.

So, the Gorax:

...and the Wolfriders:

Thoughts, etc?

Anyway, my plan for tonight/tomorrow is to attempt to get the wolfriders finished, and hopefully make a start on Kromac's skin...
If I can get that far, I feel I have a decent chance of finishing on Friday (which is really my deadline, I suppose, as my weekend will probably be spent with my laydee)...



things will change
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OK, I have no pics, but I have been hard at work painting all day!

The wolf riders are very, very close to being done, only needing the leather, wood and straps finishing off, then base-dotting and grassing. A few hours at most.
Kromac has had a bit of work, with both forms being base-coated (except the metallics), and the human form having has his skin painted.

I will get pics up tomorrow, hopefully of finished wolf riders, and possibly even of Kromac.

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