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things will change
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Page 1: General bits and bobs
Page 2: Ironclad metallics; Finished Ironclad and Apothecary
Page 3: Finished Sword Knights; Finished Centurion and Lancer
Page 5: Kromac the Ravenous
Page 6: Woldwarden; eNemo and Journeylady
Page 7: Black Dragon Tactical Squad, WIP sculpting Baldur
Page 8: Finished Woldwatcher
Page 9: WIP Blackclad Wayfarer; Finished Blackclad Wayfarer
Page 10: Epic Kaya & Laris, and Sweey Todd
Page 11: Captain Taal, and Tharn Ravagers; Cygnar (Stryker, Strangeways, Squire, Charger and Wrecks)
Page 12: Red Karnagh base
Page 14: Red Karnagh WIP1, and Baldur the Stonecleaver
Page 15: The Three Hunters, WIP Truescale World Eater, WIP Gnarlhorn Satyr, WIP Snikrot
Page 16: WIP Gnarlhorn Satyr (finished metals)
Page 17: Finished Gnarlhorn Satyr, Snikrot's lighting finished, touchups walkthrough; Wolves of Orboros, WIP Krueger the Stormlord
Page 18: Krueger the Stormlord, WIP World Eater
Page 19: Finished (again) Krueger, and painting WIP World Eater; Finished World Eater
Page 20: Truescale Imperial Fist (Green)
Page 21: Woldstalkers and stoneward, and the Iron Liche Asphixious
Page 22: Aesir the Raven, Megalith and friends
Page 23: Middenheim Warband, Arwen Evenstar and a Warwolf
Page 24: Ol' Rowdy and apologies; The Black 13th
Page 25: Mohsar the Desertwalker
Page 26: Mule/Mariner warjack conversion, WIP Night Goblin Shaman, and WIP Shadowhorn Satyr
Page 27: Finished Shadowhorn Satyr
Page 28: Night Goblin Shaman, Stormsmiths, Sentinel, and ToP update
Page 29: Bloodtrackers, Bloodweavers, various Solos and casters, and Skorne
Page 30: Druids of Orboros, ETC army and spell effects
Page 31: Minion Lesser Warlocks and Warbeasts
Page 32: Woldguardian; Warpwolf Stalker & WIP Cygnar bits n bobs
Page 33: Scythean
Page 34: Extreme Warpwolf stages 1-6
Page 36: Warpwolf Stalker, Extreme Warpwolf (again), Kara Sloan, Stormclad, Defender, Cyclone

Hello there fellas and ladies, figured it was about time I consolidate my efforts into one thread that I can try and keep track of, rather than lots of confused small ones, that all fizzle out after about a week and a half...

So, this is going to contain my various projects, ongoing or one-off, tabletop or contest, for fun or for prizes!

So, stuff on at the moment:
Slowly working though my Circle army for Hordes.
Starting a 'tale of 4 gamers only in warmachine' style thing for my local club, using Cygnar.
Plotting and planning a Chaos Mortals army, for the new release...
...And of course, showing that pesky Kuffy who is boss in our traditional, bi-annual "lets paint each other to death" contest, painting up 2k of Marines (Black Dragons again, yay!).

First port of call is that damn dwarf. The Black Dragons will see the field of battle again!
As I'm probably going to be using the new Marine codex, when it comes out (new shiny toys!), I don't really have an exact plan of my 2k yet.
I know a selection of stuff I want, and adding it up (guestimating points using the current 'dex etc) it's a fair whack over 2k, but it's what I'm going to try to do:
  • Captain with either Lightning Claws or a Relic Blade
  • 3-4 ten man Tactical Squads, with varying load-outs.
  • 8-10 man Dragon Claw Squad (possibly vanguard veterans?)
  • 8-10 man Sternguard Squad in Drop Pod
  • 10 man Devastator Squad (again, not sure on load out, maybe 4 MLs, maybe using combat squads more)
  • Dreadnought with flamer-y style weapons (Multi-Melta/Heavy Flamers), in Drop Pod
  • 2-3 Land Speeders (unsure on weapons again)
  • 8-10 man scout squad, probably with Tellion leading, as I love the mini to death.
  • 5 Terminators (quite ornate, probably with 'heresy-style' armour, as I really like making it).
  • ...and possibly a Land Raider Redeemer, and some more characters along the way (Librarians look awesome!).

Now, I don't want this army to be on the same bases as the old fellas.
I'm considering the same desert bases as my Tau (Khemri Brown, drybrushed bleached bone), as it is still a nice contrast, and there are some nice desert tables at WHW that I would fit onto, but outside of there and my FLGS, they are probably a little thin on the ground (desert tables, that is).
So, another option is a more traditional brown-y plus grass, which certainly fits in more, but is less cool.
Something else that gives me some nice modelling options is doing some ruins, as in a ruined city. However, this generally wouldn't contrast well with my black armour (which I think is a bit of a must, for a marine army), so I'm open to colour scheme ideas for ruins...

So then, my first question of you is thus...
Black Dragon basing, should it be:
a) Desert style (Khemri, Bleached Bone);
b) Boring style (Scorched, Khemri, Khaki, Grass); or
c) City ruins style (suggest a colour scheme!)

Ta to everyone for reading, and I'm hoping to have some pics of some (slightly converted) Black Reach Tactical Marines, plus some PP stuff for you on weds!


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In terms of your basing, could you use option C (the city ruins) but on a Mars-like planet?

I'm not sure if I can explain it properly, but the idea that popped into my head was that it was a city that was fairly well destroyed and a lot of the wreckage has since been covered by red sand, so you only get bits of girders and concrete sticking out of the sand.

Of course it doesn't have to be red sand, you could just use your desert scheme or something else of your choosing.

I like the vine idea as well, though.

Best of luck painting that dwarf to death!

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No pictures? Come on buddy, nobody wants to read these threads without pictures!

Kidding aside, I think you should try to go for something semi-original for your Black Dragon bases. The army is just superb, and I'd hate to see them looking underwhelming with simple or overdone bases. Be creative!

Put Snotlings on them!


things will change
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OK, well, it wasn't on weds.
And it isn't space marines.

But I do have pics!
And millions of them!

Let's start off with my newest wallet-draining passtime, Warmachine.
Cygnar, the blue dudes with lots of electricity and such like.

I thought I'd enter my Ironclad into the basing/weathered contest in the main forum, as I intend it to be a 'pre-awoken' version of the new character 'jack Ol' Rowdy...

...And here is the base, without several tons of iron standing on top of it:

The idea for this one is that it is during the Caspia Invasions, street fighting through cygnar's capital city. As the universe is pretty solidly steam-punk and iron inspired, I decided that I'd do a somewhat victorian style street, but the edge of the pavement is going to be an iron ledge, rather than some silly, easily eroded stone...

And to go with Ol' Rowdy, here is Captain Arlan Strangeways, who is also rather heavily converted from the standard 'just chilling out with my wrench' pose.
I think he's either sizing up some repairs, or deciding exactly where he's going to smack an enemy 'jack to cause maximum damage...

Next up, and sticking to PP for the moment, here is my finally finished second Woldwarden, who had to be re-posed really.
The painted version is the original, un-modified one, and the metal/GS one is the newly finished addition to the family.

Continuing the Circle vibe, here is another Wold, this time a Woldwyrd, a creation designed to hunt magic-users of all types...

And finally for some good, old fashioned GW minis.
In this case, a trio of chaos ogres, converted from Ironguts.

...and that's me done for today.
I'm planning on painting the Assault on Black Reach tactical squad tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get some pics of them in a day or so...

Ta guys, lemme know what you reckon.


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Good job.

Good job. You have some nice stuff here. I think I may have to investigate some of those PP models when I am done with the hundreds of figures I have yet to get through in the cupboard of doom.

I like the guy with the wrench, where can I find an image of the original. I want to be able to savour the alterations. At the moment it looks pretty original. Which is a good thing.

things will change
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The original mini looks like *this*.

There is a piece of art of him in Warmachine: Legends, which was the inspiration for the conversion, as he looks freaking bad-ass in the art, and a bit meh in the mini...


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*is feeling a bit better about this challenge*


Some nice stuff there, my one-eyed friend. Not bad. Never really looked into anything but GW, mainly because I don't play GW let alone anything else! But, perhaps when I have time and money, I'll see about picking something up for painting purposes. They look fancy. Nice work on the conversions as well. =)

Did thou worketh Games Day this year or not?

Let me see those marines. I will keep up my words. 25 Orks, with photos, by Friday. I need more money for this army. =/


things will change
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Another week, another update!
Just pics of the Ironclad this time, my tactical squad is progressing slowly, but feels very much like a chore, whereas I'm really loving painting this 6-ton behemoth...

Anyway, I'm all finished with his metallics, I believe this is about 4ish hours work in total, and I'm very happy with them.
There are a few areas I might go back and pick out (some of the scratches and dents on the shoulder balls have been a little over-run with my oil effects), but generally he's looking as beat up and in need of some time in the workshop as I want him to look...

Enough talk, pics!

What does everyone think?
Answers on a postcard, as per ususal...



things will change
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Well, another week, another update!
I've finished off the Ironclad, and he is up over *here*, but I'll give you a sneaky peek here:

I also finally finished that Apothecary diorama/objective that I started soooo long ago!
Well, not quite finished, I realised that I wanted to add blood effects, so I better get onto that...


Anyway, I've also entered the new Tale of Painters, with both my Marines, and my Circle, who I've been buying models for, and not painting (argh!).
200pts and 100pts per month, respectively, should be manageable.

For Hordes, I'm planning the Gnarlhorn and my extra Wold as my first 2 100pt chunks, then either Krueger or Baldur, with either the Blackclad or the Ravager White Mane in month 3, the Woldwatcher and the other solo in month 4, then finally the unit of Ravagers plus UA in month 5 (though I may well change the timing around).

For the Marines, I think I'm gonna be doing stuff I like the look of, more than will make a good army, as I'm hoping to be doing more than 1k over the next 6 months, and would like the ToP project to be an inspiration to keep having fun...

Anyway, no solid list for either just yet, but I'll try and get one up sometime soon.



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I like the Ironclad, especially the blues and blacks, but I feel like the metallics are a little dark. The battle damage / weathering looks very convincing and again, the blue looks superb.

The diorama is also spot on. My favorite part is the exploded right shoulder pad; the damaged troop logo just adds a ton of character to an already really nice model.

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Spiffing just spiffing mate! I love the blues, you got a really lovely dark shade on them. What technique did you use there? Glazing or washes?
The blues were just layered up from Dark Prussia Blue ( VMC050 ) to Dark Blue ( VMC053 ), with a tiny bit of Sky Blue ( VMC067 ) added for the final highlights and the rivets, and then the segments were blacklined.
All told, the blue only took about 2 hours, from primed to finished, which I'm really happy with. I'm looking forward to trying it out on my other 'jacks (I've got a Centurion and a Lancer still to paint, and maybe a Charger if I think I'll ever use it).

The metallics are a bit brighter in real life, despite the dullcote bringing them down a lot (although this was a good thing in the case of the Quake Hammer, I think).
I can never seem to get metallics to photograph accurately, I guess it's all the reflective metally bits in the pigment.

I'm going to start work on a unit of Sword Knights today, and hopefully make a bit more progress on the Tactical Squad I'm slowly ploughing through...

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