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x10 Eldar Pathfinders w/ Wave Serpent w/EML, Spirit Stones
x5 Eldar Jetbike
x10 Eldar Dire Avengers Aspect Warriors w/ Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Laser, Spirit Stones (X2)
x10 Storm Guardians w/ Wave Serpent w/ EML Spirit Stones (X2)

6 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch, Tank Hunters
(Go in Falcon)

x1 Falcon Holo Fields
x1 Fire Prism

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I don't really like the waveserpent for the pathfinders they can't move and shoot the sniper rifles. Perhaps drop it and split the squad into two 5 man squads. Get an exarch and blade storm for the DAs. The storms should get 2 flamers a warlock and destructor ( or alternately 2 fusion, warlock, singing spear and embolden if you want another tank hunting unit ). The falcon needs to have a gun, but you might look at dropping it for a waveserpent to reduce costs. If you still have the points a second fireprism for the chance at linked shots could prove useful.
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