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I finally got some chaos- for my birthday.

Well, I say some, I do in fact have an abundance of them.

I got: 1 Lord, 1 Icon Bearer, 1 Night Lord Champion, 3 Bikers, 1 Rhino, 1 box of CSM and 1 box of Loyalist Assault marines.

And I have no idea what to do with it.

It is fairly unlikely that i will play with this- my gaming army is necrons, and i just wanted chaos as a building/modelling fun exercise.

I was going to go with Lord and CACs on bikes, but now that i have the foot lord, there is not much point.

So I was thinking 3 bikes, one as a fairly beefed AC.

The assault marines, I was thinking of using as possessed with DFlight. I would use the Champion with them, by converting wings.

The Lord, Icon Bearer, and troops would go together in the rhino (am I correct in thinking that there are only 8 CSM in a box?)

The rhino would just be heavily convertimified.

Any cool-looking combos? Modelling aspects? The fluff would be as night lords, but I'm giving them their own name, 'scheme, and mark (which will stand for MoCU).

Thanks in advance!
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