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Mordheim + 40k without Necromunda

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despite everything i've been told,
i still find Necromunda's engine to be sloppy at best, and annoying on average...

that, combined with the lack of 40k races, just annoys the bajeevis outta me... and thus i've spawned
this little creation

tho, opinions on balance and gameplay would be nice, 'cause i'm sure i can't see it from all angles while i'm still writing it...
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It seem pretty cool, but you shouldn't just 'dump' all the races there. The IG should be the PDF or Adeptus Arbites. Necrons just seem out of place.
But I do like the skills and stuff, very imagineitave.:yes:
i figure, people are gona want all the races eventually (even if it's just for squad tactic warfare elsewhere...)
that and one of my beta-testers is a necron player...

as for the IG, they're a catch all... as we know there are humans not under the Imperium, the IG template covers everyone from Storm Troopers and the Inquisition, to the forces of rogue psykers...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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