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Hi everyone, I need some advice on my campaign army.
We are playing a "mighty empires" campaign with some alternate rules the GM found.

The starting rules on army building was:
1 force at 750pts, 1 force at 500pts.
1 Lord is compulsory. Both lists must be legal(aside from a lord in one of the lists)

My lists were as follows:
1: 750pts
Lord on horse
armor of damnation
sword(the bonus strength one)
1x unit of Knights)+ champ, + standard
1x unit of marauders +chieftan
2x 5warhounds.
2x spawn of chaos(slaaneshi)

2: 500pts(same as above except w/o Lord, and one less spawn, if I remember right)
Champion on horse + shield (replaces lord)

We went through the first round of the campaign, and I have more points to allocate to my forces.

I have successfully captured enough resource to add 2x250pt blocks to my lists.
This can either be 500pts to one list, or 250 each.

The only consideration is that these forces must be given orders each turn to either: defend my territory, or attack an adjacent territory.
I'm considering keeping my 750 + lord(since lord is a pretty decent equalizer at low points, even if outnumbered) list as a defender, and running amok with the other force.
this means I need to add 500pts to my small list.

I was considering the following options:

1 or 2 Blocks of 20 marauders with hand weapon + light armor + shield, or great weapons.
1 chariot of khorne
1 block of 10 warriors 2x hand weapons, or great weapons, maybe.

Since I already have almost all FAST stuff, I was considering adding in a chunk of good ol' fashioned ground pounders to give me an anchor point of my force.

I'm very new to fantasy, and am considering what my options are.

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