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I am interested in adding a mortificators squad to my collection and inquisitor led crusade so do any of you know where i can find some good reference and maybe some pictures. Anything would be helpful published or unpublished. I read about them in WARRIORS OF ULTRAMAR -- pretty cool book I highly recomed it to any space marine fan or imperialguard.
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There's a link to their story from the Armageddon site. They're a very cool chapter and I'm always excited to see someone be them.(Y)

Very cool if that colour schme wasnt taken it would be the colour scheme of my own chapter!
they sound like legion of the damned alot and i think mixing them together would totally rock. They sound deap and cunning and not 'loyal tio the emperor' in many ways. You find alot bout them in the ultramarines novel ' nightbringer'
My army is a crusade so the fluff would be that they have few vehicals such as tanks and use ambushes and raids to defeat their foes taking minimal casualties. So benefits are the Infiltrat and bike traits with Flesh over steel as a drawback.
My currents squads are
Crimson fists - troop and transport
Salamanders- Troop
Scouts- working on a camo color scheme
Vet squad- Emperor's wrath black with gold trim
Assault squad- minitaurs- bronzeish gold with black trim
another assault squad unpainted
2 landspeeders unpainted
Bikes- a less evil version of night lords deep blue with yellow trim
More bikes- not sure
Termis assault - Blood Angles

Im looking to ad a command squad and a 2 regular termi squads and another landspeeder torpedo so what should they be and any ideas and pictures for the rest.
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They do seem rather cool, if a bit odd in their practices. That vision quest thing where the chaplain leaves his body seems kinda chaosy/psykery to me.

You find alot bout them in the ultramarines novel ' nightbringer'
Please read the posts in teh thread shrike, Deek said they were in warriors of ultramar, nightbringer has no mention of them. In point of fact I'm re-reading the Ventris books at the moment.
I dont see any problems with the Mortifactors practices. Chaplains embody the faith of their chapter, and the fact that they meditate for days with no sign of life in their bodies is proof or their connection to our Emperor, who exists in a similar state himself. Mortifactors are a very loyal chapter, and the fact that they risked their geneseed's loss and therefore their entire existence as a chapter by putting all their Marines in combat on Armageddon is testament to that.
What do your guys think about the other squads
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