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most powerful cheapest chaos

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i was wondering whats the most powerful but cheap money wise chaos army
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Brand new out of the box cheapest army is the chaos Space Marine Megaforce. If I were starting out today and wanted to play right away, this is what I'd go with.

If you go ebay. are patient, and aren't picky about which army you play; then you can get some good deals. Last month I got about 2000 points worth of models for $96 and some changed (shipped to my door).

My favs are in this order:
World Eaters (Khorne!)
Khorne lead "Black Legion" (Khorne & Chaos)
Nurgle lead (and themed) Lost and the Damned
Chaos Undivided Black Legion (Undivided - sometimes backed by Khorne and Nurgle)
I personally think khorne is the cheapest and maybe the beardiest:p
Will you could go 2 ways.

First get the battle force (or mega force) which costs more upfront but is cheaper in the long run but only get the battle force if it has what you want. Then you can expand on the battle force with what suits you and what units you like.

The second way to go is get 2 boxes of Chaos Space Marines and a Chaos Lord. This gives you a small army but a way to be able to build reletivly quick and be able to play right away. This is cheaper up front but in the long run buying the battle force will end up cheaper. After you buy the HQ and Troops, then you can expand getting a HS, then another troop choice, and then elites and FS.

If you wanted before you buy anything you could always proxy units and see what you like.

I'd suggest posting an army list in the army list section so we could give you suggestions on your army composition and what to buy.

Well, troops tend to be the cheapest units, so Death Guard, World Eaters and Thousand Sons would be the best $-wise...especially the Sons as they have a very high points-per-model ratio. Rather than making a decision based solely on cost, however, I would first pick several armies that I like and then decide which one on the list is cheapest.

So...what armies are you thinking about?
khorne or tzeench are cool but their mobility pisses me off so i should prob get rhinos right? (or i could use my bros since he doesnt use his space marine ones anymore he infiltrates) im not sure whether to get khorne or tzeench yet though lol
If you go Black Legion, you can have them both. Depending on what mark you give to your HQ one of them will be Elites and the other Troops.
This is quite a lethal combo I might add. Very pricy in points too.
Death Guard or World Eaters :

There are some 8 models (4 DG 4 WE) boxes that are still availlable in some shops. In Québec City, those boxes cost 8 $ CAN, so it's 1 $ CAN each models ($ 0.76 USD).

Death Guard

5 Boxes of those
5 x 2 Special Weapons blisters
5 x Aspiring Champions blisters
2 x Nurglings blisters
1 Heavy Support
1 Lord / Lieutenant / Daemon Prince / Greater Daemon on ebay

1500 points army will cost you about $ 150 to $ 175 USD. If you know someone who would like to play khorne, you can split the cost of the 8 models boxes with him and same $ 20. You'll need to make some conversion to make it look great, but results are interresting.
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Just something to consider: If you don't mind painting over poorly painted models, then you can buy a squad of any army on ebay for much cheaper than in the stores or online. You can literally puchase a dread for $13.00, a termi squad for $8.00, or an 8 man chaos marine squad for $5.00.

Hope this helps.
Andusciassus said:
If you go Black Legion, you can have them both. Depending on what mark you give to your HQ one of them will be Elites and the other Troops.
This is quite a lethal combo I might add. Very pricy in points too.
What makes this particular combination so lethal? I haven't played Chaos and I'm trying to learn the armies before I start getting too deep into anything.
You get the best of both worlds, and neither are subject to the full Khorne, or Nurgle, or Tzeentch. Khorne may NOT go with Slaanesh though, and Nurgle may not combine with Tzeentch as each army is a rival to eachother. All others may combine as long as neither of those two are together. The best Black Legion I believe is Nurgle/Khorne. (Manreaper DP, infiltrating Death Guard Squads, Khorne Bikers) = Sick :yes:
THe Tzeentch marines are some of the most potent shooters and Khorne are all-out assaulty. This combo could give you a good, durable yet expensive firebase with the ability to deal with all but the heaviest of tanks with ease. they still can blow a Landraider with a lucky glancing though. Extremerly powerfull shooters.
Their Daemons (Flamers that is -ignore the horrors) are basically mobile heavy bolters with limited range. Do I need to tell you what they do to all infantry but the MEQs?

Khorne troopers will shread any unit in CC. They have plenty of atacks and benefit from their Khornate Chainaxes. The axes are like choppas turning any armour into max 4+.
Their daemons (the bloodletters) are even worse, each and every one of them are equipped with powerweapons (or a daemonic version).

So, if you are looking for an pointswise expensive Chaos army, with few models this is a combo you could consider.
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