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I would never have thought it possible, but i lost the motivation to continue with my orks! I had a ~1200 point standard horde army (a good amount of orks (burnas, tankbustas, sluggas),full squad of grots + slaver, 5 nobs and a warboss, looted basilisk, and the rest of the hvy slots of killa kanz). Im a good player, and have enjoyed my orks for a long time. But just recently, i have started collecting grey knights, and then necrons are next on the line. Since i have been thinking about using other armies, i cant convince myself to go back to orks.

i realize that this probably happens to alot of people who are starting new armies, but i need a way to spice up my army. i was thinking maybe trying some ferals... Can anyone suggest any ways that they got back into orks?

or maybe units that will spice up the game that i dont use? (im not interested in any of the clans...). I use most types of orks (the ones listed above, and sometimes use shootas... but i love my sluggas too much.

any help would be awesome, cos i still like my orks, i just cant convince myself to use them again

P.S. this is my list:


Mega Armour-
Bionik Arm-
Total- 101
4x Nobz- 80
Mega Armour-
Total- 201
Wartrukk- 30
TOTAL- 332

30 Grots- 90
1 Slaver-9
Eavy armour-
Bionik Bonce-
Grabba Stikk-
Total- 124
30 Slugga Boyz- 270
1 Nob- 11
Power Klaw-
3 rokkits-
Total- 442
5 Burna Boyz- 45
4 burnas-
Total- 69
5 tankbusta Boyz- 55
3 rokkit launchas
Total- 76
Total- 681
Fast Attack
5 warbikes- 150
Total- 150
Heavy Support

3 Killa kans- 135
Basilisk- 125

Its proven to be a good list, but just wondering as a side note if anyone would change anything?
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What I've found is that any army becomes boring when it just becomes a bunch of plastic pieces (or metal) that get tossed back in the shoebox when the dice rolls are bad. It's even worse when they LOOK plastic and metal (or merely primed).

Name your Ork Warboss and his Nobs. Name the units. Paint them to a good standard. Keep a record of their exploits on the game table. Work it all into a fluff narrative that has you waiting for the next chapter. If you invest that kind of time and effort into your Orks, I guarantee you're going to enjoy playing with them again.

If painting is a problem for you, consider having a friend or a pro help out. Or simply start small. Develop a campaign that works from a 400/500 pt patrol up to your full 1200+ points on a schedule that allows you to paint-as-you-go. This will also help you develop your warband's history and fluff. Developing a good nemesis, or "favorite enemy" as Orks say, will also renew your enthusiasm.

And don't forget to shout a few good WAAAAGH's and speak with an Orky accent while playing. Remember, you like Orks because they NEVER LOSE. They just grow bigger and then come back for more! :yes:
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