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Many players lose interest in their initial army in 40K only to return to it later down the road. I started with Iron Warriors, went to Eldar, went back to Iron Warriors, played fantasy Chaos, then Orcs, brief stint with high elves (brief) then came to 40K orks which i love.

My advice is start playing speedfreaks. Its really a lot of fun because your almost expected to lose unless you make a uber list. Everyone wants to play you because they want to see what speed freaks actually do. In addition, when you get bored you get to start converting. What go me hooked was working on my first battlewagon. Now i have 2 completed, and i'll be getting a 3rd in the mail (armorcast!). I also found an awesome article on how to make go-cart buggies and that's my next project. Speed freaks are versatile and you can pretty much buy any model in the game, and convert it or use it in your list. It keeps things interesting because your not confined to 1 model range.

-Battlewagon 1-Landraider base, with a crows nest from craft sticks
-Battlewagon 2-Chimera base with etra side tracks, bridge from craft sticks with a buggy as a drivers nest
-Guntrukk 1-Converted rhino with a gun bridge with grot riggers banging it back together
-Guntrukk 2-Chimera base, stripped to open topped for a lobba
-Deathkopter-Eldar jetbike with ork driver, with TL big shootas modelled onto the back with a "hover platform"
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