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multiple charges

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ok ive read the rule and reread it and then tried again but i cant make much sense of it, and i figured o its ok it will probably never come up... can u guess where this is going.

basically, my friends bretionians overran onto my chariot (it took like 3 turns of fleeing and chargeing from both sides, to get the upper hand) then onto my turn, and i charge my hero into the flank, my 2nd hero into the flank and some warhounds to make up the numbers also onto a flank.

who attacks first and does he get his lance bonus.
as best as i can make out (from the annual i forget which year) we strike in order of charging, so him first, but he cant attack until my units which charged have attacked him, so if he wants to fight warhounds and heroes he has to let me go first but he is still before chariot... then the lances it says only people who are going first get their lance bonus. now does that mean he gets them because hes going first or that he only gets them on my chariot the rest are normal.
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My guess is that any models that are not engaged in the flank would first attack the chariot then your units in order they charged. The way I see it is just as the brets charged into the chariot they were flanked at the same time so your units prevented his models on the sides from attacking your chariot. Not very experianced with the exact wording of the lance formation but that's my best guess since no 1 else offered an opinion.
A kind of related question to the lance formation is there a way they have to be set up? I've seen on a site them lined up like this.
BBBBBB B=Bretonian knight, However i beleive it was an old pic.
my friend however ranks them like this
BBB is that how they're suposed to be? or does it matter? Reading your post just made me think of that thnx

is the way they go now, basically they need only 3 guys for a rank
and when they charge the people down the flanks can charge, i believe they changed it because after the charge brets sucked too much.
It goes in order of charges, so your 2 heroes on the flank and dogs go first. Then his brettonians get to attack, but they only get the lance bonus vs. the chariot. Since they didn't charge the things on their flank they don't get the lance bonus against them. Lastly your chariot goes.
If it went in order of charges wouldn't the brets be considered to charge first with their overrun? then his units charged and would get their attacks after the bret then the chariot? that's how i saw it.
p.s. thanks for the lance clarification
No, by order of charges what I meant was the overun would go first because they are the last on the 'stack.'

Chargers always go first, so what happens is you start a chargers 'stack.' Unit C charges unit B. Unit A overuns into unit C. Therefore A charges C, C charges B, and B gets charged. The order of striking is A first on C, C then on B, and B last. C would get a charge bonus against B, and A would get a charge bonus against C. However, C would not get a charge bonus against A, since they were charged by A. Follow? Its not really that complicated, as it goes like this.

A who charged
C who charged
B who got pwned unless A killed a ton of guys. :)
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