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I'm painting Ultramarines and strive for my models to look as dynamic as I can get them.
I have a few questions about different procedures or things I should be informed on to make them look great.
Robes & Banners:
I paint with a light grey, then bestial brown, then bleached bone.
I tried painting a thin coat of chestnut ink over them but it looks rubbish.
I wondering if anyone has a good process for making them look like battle worn, but outstanding robes and banners.
The space marine veterans feature laurels around the brow of their helms. After trail and error I finally reached a satisfactory solid white helm. I would like to make the white MORE solid and also more dynamic. Then, I need to know the best way to paint the Laurels on the helm.
Details in Face:
I feature a few marines with no helms which leaves me with a want of making the faces detailed. What I have done so far is paint them a grey then white then elf flesh. They look O.K. but I want to know how to make them standout and more dynamic.

I have searched the internet MANY times for ideas but I want to hear from a more direct source.
Thanks for reading =]

The Alchemist
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Devlan Mud Wash is far superior to Chestnut Ink, give that a try over a basecoat of Dhebeb Stone or Bleached Bone and it'll shade it for you. Then you can highlight the appropriate areas and it looks good. As for laurels, I'd bits order the plastic ones and stick them on, but if you've already painted the helmets I can understand. I have no idea how to freehand them though I'm afraid.
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