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This is all pretty preliminary, as I dont have much of the stuff yet, but tell me what you think.


Shas'O w/ plasma rifle, burst cannon, and multitracker

Elites -

4 crisis suits, all with tw plas rifles. Not sure about other system yet. I'm thinking target locks and shield drones scattered about.

Troops -

3 squads of 10 firewarriors. Each one with a Shas'ui leader, and a marker light. Although I'm debating a couple of them.

Heavy support-

2 Broadsides with multitrackers. Debating plasma rifles
1 hammerhead w/ railgun (is there any other kind of hammerhead :) ) and smart missle system.

I've drawn out some movement diagrams from the last game I played with my SM playing friend (I was using my chaos army), and I'm able to kill pretty much everything within 3 turns, and sometimes the beginning of the 4th, but that doesn't take his devastators into consideration (how much they are firing). Can't wait to see librarian get ripped apart by a railgun :D :ph34r:

edit: And yes, I also posted this mistakingly in the Tau Armies section.
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