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Tyrant - Bullgut/Gnoblar Thiefstone (x2)/Daemon-Killer Scars/Heavy Armor/Iron Fist/Luck Gnoblar - 318pts

Butcher - Dispell Scroll/Halfling Cookbook/Tooth Gnoblar - 185pts

Butcher - Dispell Scroll/Bangstick/Tooth Gnoblar - 185pts

Core -

Bulls (x7) Musician/Standard - 275pts

Bulls (x7) Musician/Standard - 275pts

Bulls (x4) Musician/Standard/Light Armor/Ironfist - 192pts

Ironguts (x5) Musician/Standard/Heavy Armor - 270pts

Gnoblar Fightere (x20) - 40pts

Gnoblar Fighters (x20) - 40pts

Gnoblar Trappers ( x8 ) - 48pts


Bull Rhinox Rider (x1) Ironfist/Heavy Armor - 161pts

Bull Rhinox Rider (x1) Ironfist/Heavy Armor - 161pts

Butchers will run with the 2 7-man Bull units, the Tyrant will run with the Ironguts. Gnoblars will be used to screen, Rhinox Riders will be used as flankers and one unit of 4 bulls as backup where needed.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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