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Iron Discipline
Carapace Armor

Colonel Schaeffer
12 last chancers
4 w/ lasguns
1 meltagun
1 democharge
1 missile launcher
1 heavy bolter
3 snipers

Heroic Senior Officer:Carapace armor,Master crafted power weapon, bolt pistol. W/ guardsman w/Meltagun, vet guardsmen w/standard bearer, vet guardsmen w/medic, vet gurdsman w/ mastervox.
Pts91+47 for gaurdsmen.



6 ratlings for 66 pts


Infantry Squad 1 9 seargent
60+20 for carapace+ 5 for vox+ 6 grenade launcher
Pts 91

Infantry squad 2 9 seargent
60+20 for carapace+ 5 for vox+ 6 grenade launcher
Pts 91

9 storm troopers w/ seargent
1meltagun 1 plasma gun voxcaster

Heavy Suppport
Leman russ
lasconnon heavy bolters
Total pts:165

Total 1024

could anyone critisize?

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you just posted something very similar 20 minutes ago. whats up with that? you can edit anything you like(of your own posts) to your will by clicking the pencil at the bottom right of your post.

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Personally I hate ratlings. Never worked for me. otherwise, looks kinda hardy.

I wouldnt invest in caraphace for regular guardsmen. But as I say, if it works for you then run wild.

You need a platoon command squad. a 40 point jr officer + crew will do. I'd change the current HQ you have into the command squad and chop out a whole lot of stuff in there. Schaeffer has enough punch. Guard arent about individual strength of squads but about overall army power. Tooling up 1 squad

Speaking of which, what is actually happening with your last chancer squad? How are they dividing up? The democharge is a bit iffy, as are the snipers. Especially if you play ratlings, the snipers arent as good as the little guys.

I'd cut out the Vox and nade launchers and give them heavy weapons instead. Your command squad will provide the leadership needed

Give the Stormtroopers 2 plasmas instead. you'll see them work more effectively without having to move closer for the meltas range.

Hope its helped,
Good luck =)
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