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Tzeentch (273 Points)
Herald of Tzeentch > Locus of Conjuration
Mastary lv 3
17 pink horrors > Iridescent Horror and Icon/instrument

Hiding this unit in cover makes it almost impossible to kill.

Khorne (285 Points)
Herald of Khorne > Locus of Wrath and Exalted Reward
15 Bloodletters > Bloodreaper and Icon/instrument

Deadly objective holder no one wants to set foot near them.

Nurgle (222 Points)
Herald of Nurgle > Locus of Fecundity and Lesser Reward
13 Plaguebearers > Plagueridden and Icon/instrument

With Shrouded and when within 8" getting a crazy cover save also having FnP makes them so much harder to kill that and everyone seems to focus fire them i feel sorry for nurgle :( so i deepstrike them with slaanesh.

Slaanesh (219 Points)
Herald of Slaanesh > Locus of Beguilement and Greater Reward
11 Daemonettes > Alluress and Icon/instrument

Beguilement is scary when you can kill there warlord because you are choosing your challanger and re-roll to all failed hits is deadly that and slaanesh get +3" to run so always deepstrike them.

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HQ: I like the herald of Tzeentch but I would drop all the others. With an infantry rush list you need numbers to get into combat. With only 2 shooting attacks that may be denied you will be facing the full firepower of the enemy for several turns. arriving with a herald and 3 surviving daemonettes is worse than arriving with 12 daemonetes if you spent the herald points on more bodies.

Troops: I would boost the horrors to 20 and the daemonettes too. I don't rate blood letters unless you fancy abusing the weapons in the new stronghold assault buildings with qyad gubns, lascannons and optional HB upgrades. split the PBs into 2x10 and either canp on home objectives or deep strike into cover near enemy objectives.

Alternate or expansion: Another option is to get a bloodthirster + 2 greater or a level 3 LoC + 2 greater rewards as another HW able to get stuck in to tie up high firepower units. 10-20 fleshhounds can do a similar job and this is a good option to think about with a Ho~K attached giving them hatred or rage.

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If you're not going Lesser (Staff of Change default) + 2x Greater & Mastery Lv3 on your LoC, you're doing it wrong!;)

Yes he's 305pts.
He's also an absolutely ridiculous close combat beatstick, and runs with 3 Divination spells for added shenanigans. Roll up Precognition and with those Greater Rewards he becomes one of the hardest things in the game to actually kill.
The "Perfect Storm" version is the time you roll-up Corpulescence + Daemonic Resilience alongside the Precog spell. +1W/IWnD + FnP 4+ AND re-roll hits/wounds/saves is utterly filthy.

He's easily the best Greater of the four.
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