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Hi people I'm new to this Librarium and I want to start by telling you about my Eldar 2000 pts army. Here I go. please tell me if iIneed to replace or if my army is totally rubbish and if you people say add a fire prisim I will not listen because they are rubbish. No offense.

autarch, mandiblasters, scorpion chainsword and reaper launcher.

farseer, doom, guide, eldritch storm, spirit stones, runes of warding and runes of witnessing.

warlock destructor spirit seer
warlock enhance

10x dire avengers, exarch, twin linked shuriken catapult, defend and blade storm

5x pathfinders

10x guardians bright lance

10x guardians bright lance

6x striking scorpions, exarch, scorpion claw, stalker and shadow strike.

6x fire dragons exarch firepike crackshot and tankhunters

wave serpent twin linked bright lance v eng s eng spirit stones

wave serpents twin linked bright lance v eng s eng spirit stones

6x striking scorpion exarch scorpion claw stalker shadow strike

warwalker scatter laser star cannon

warwalker bright lance scatter laser

wraithlord twin linked bright lance

alltogeher it equals to 1978 pts

Please write back, comments on my army. I don't know what type of comments you put at least it is at my army
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Looks alright to me. Just three things:
1. Farseer and warlock squad are taking conceal when they all have 4+ inv. save anyway. Waste of points and/or other power.
2. Personally I find that eldritch storm is a waste of points and just isn't good.
3. Warwalkers have scatter laser and bright lance, and scatter laser and star cannon. If they're not in a squadron then put the scatter lasers on one and brightlanc and star cannon on another so they can aim at tanks, elite infantry or horde units based on their weapons.

Finally try and use the 30 pts spare you've got.
Hope this helps.

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I agree with the above. I would say for the 3 warlocks have 2 destructors and enhance.
guardians with bs3 should have scatter, i find bl to unreliable for them back when starcanon was hvy3 i used it but with hvy2 and the same cost so its not that good. I would be gratefull if you could state which squad gets the serpents it would help. Also the warwalkers should take 2 indentical weapons it still doesnt count as twin linked for them if i remember corrczly, but please do so correct me if i am wrong. The list looks good and with the extra points from the bl to scater at the guardians you could get a scorpion or two. Lastly I would give the wraith lord a bl and a rocket launcher but thats just my taste of things plus a few points for a nother scorpi or when i face a more assault based army bl and wraith sword... actually i dont think you can go wrong with a WL. And One question: Why get an autarch a reaper laiuncher with a scorpi sword and mandiblaster? Its a HVY and assault in one, you cant do both. hmmm if you bring it with the scorpions i would say either a death spiner or fusion gun, since they are both assault weapons. And yet enough points for a nother scorpion. Although your list could work as it is. Dunno, I never tried it in my few years of gaming;) so how could i know? Ermh who are you playing aggainst by the way? Hope it helped, and as many people say, it workes for me but might be a bother for others, we all just have to find our own style of play;) good luck fellow seer

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hi thnx for the advice reply plzz

Hi thanks for the advice I will be facing the whole Imperium; Space Wolves, Imperial Guard and Space Marines. but this is my 3000 point army and trust me you will like it. Here goes.

eldrad ulthran xxx

warlock, conceal, warlock, enhance, spiritseer 86

fuegan xxx

fire dragons x6 exarch, firepike 8 crack shot and tank hunters 136

fire dragons x6 exarch, firepike, crack shot and tank hunters 136

striking scorpions, exarch, chainsabres, shadow strike 133

striking scorpions exarch biting blade shadow strike 133

howling banshees x6 exarch, mirror swords, war shout, acrobatic 128

howling banshees x6 exarch, executioner, war shout acrobatic 128

wave serpent, twin linked star cannon 170
v eng s eng, spirit stones,

wave serpent twin linked bright lance v eng s eng spirit stones, 180

wave serpents twn linked scatter laser v eng, s eng, spirit stones 150

dire avengers x10 exarch, power weapon, shimmersheild, blade storm, defend 167

rangers x5

10x gaurdians bright lance 110
10x gaurdians scatter laser 95
10x gaurdians star cannon 105

5x swooping hawks, exarch, sunrifle, sky leap intercept, 152

war walker, scatter laser and bright lance 75

war walker, twin bright lances 90

war walker, twin linked eldar missile launcher 70
wraithlord, TL bright lance 170


Thanks for reading please reply, next shall be a 5000 point army Apocalypse against the
Imperium and the Tyranids. Thanks for reading send me your Eldar army because I want to know what I could use in my other armies.
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