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my finished bunker

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hey everyone i just finished my bunker

wondering what you thought of it :yes:

so tell me what you think please:ninja:
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thats quite good marron any better pics?
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A couple of things springs to mind. You could have a go with some watered down dark brown between the sandbags, to make them more distinct.
You should also try to get some better pics, you have a nice sharp focused statue in the background but the bunker is quite blurry. Experiment a bit with the Macromode (the flower-symbol on your digicam) it's great for close-ups.

I also think you should have another base, this one seems hollow or something.
Other that this it's a good piece you've made and it seems playable as well. That's something I often forget when making scenery:rolleyes: .

Looks pretty good but it kinda looks like aluminum foil wrapped around some folded cardboard but maybe the picture is just blurry.
Not bad for home made terrain. (Nothing I could ever do)
is that duct tape? on another note, good job.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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