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Ok, so i finally competed in my first real tournament besides friendlies and the like. It did not have a comp score or a painting score so those factors didn't come in at all. It was merely sportsmanship and actually wins. Here is how it turned out

First, My List:
at 700 points

-Wild Rider
-Elven Steed

GG x 10

Dryads x 8

WD x 8 + champ

Wild Riders x 5 + music + champ + standard + war banner

The first round
The Scenario was Flank attack and i was pitted against an Orcs and Goblin's list. It was a veteran player but he was playing with his 'fun' army just for a good time. The Dryads owned house here, and managed to kill his unit of orcs(with his general), his Night Goblins(with his shaman), and his Orc Chariot. The Wild Riders helped with the orcs and the wardancers hit a flank on the chariot. His giant ran towards the opposite side of the board towards my GG and whiped them out. and his bolt thrower picked off some WR here and there as did his magic. Overall i missed Solid Victory by 1 point.

The Second Round
Scenario: Battlefield Supremacy
I was playing the Bretts. Besides his unit of Knights nothing was particularly frightening. The Wild riders shot down one flank and the dryads another. I wasn't able to finish off the knights but managed to take them down to 3 models (just enough to capture a table quater. I got 2 and he had 1. Minor Victory again

The Third round
Scenario: Pitched Battle (oo free w00ds!)
playing empire, he didnt make a nasty list. (the only nasty list there was the Skaven List as it was a small tourny [only 10 players]) my War Dancers were glorious they tore through Flagellents(sp?*) with what you would expect from crazed elven fighters. In one round of combat i managed something grotesque like 13 wounds. They also "Took the bait" as my opponent said when they charged a lone wizard in return getting counter charged by his Greatswords with his priest. Little did my opponent know that my Wild riders were in perfect position for a rear charge no matter how far he over ran. Long story short: Massacre!

So with 1M and 2MV i actually managed to come in 2nd place!
The aforementioned Skaven List witch has a Plague Furnace and a doom wheel at such a low point level was scary, but i didn't have to play him.

Just thought id let you guys know!

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