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I also think you need to leave the Deathwing, because it's fluffy. And make those speeders Ravenwing, if they aren't already.

I think the Pred annhilator with HB's is more tactically flexible and a better buy than one with all lascannons. And I like the fact that a single twin-linked lascannon is enough to decimate most enemy vehicles and scare everything else, which and autocannon certainly DOESN'T do... only AP4, heh. Should be better, according to the fluff, but that's another topic...

Anyhow, I think you could afford to throw in an assault squad to support the chaplain, since you need the mobility. i know it's trite, but in this case it's the perfect compliment to the rest of your list...

Good luck with Round 2!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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