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OK, just thought id get some tips on what to get next and where in my army I can improve, this is what I've got:

Tyranid prime with boneswords

Tyranid prime with boneswords

16 Hormies. Mycetic Spore
16 Termies. Mycetic Spore
8 Genestealers

Lictor (or Deathleaper)
Hive guard with Mycetic spore

Heavy Support

I realise first and foremost I need some more synapse creatures, well I'm working towards getting some more, perhaps even a nine man squad(i like overkill). I mainly play armies like Tau and sometimes Chaos marines (havnt played this guy yet) thus the use of mycetic spores, The Tyranid primes are really cost effective, Especially the alpha warrior ability.
any C+C and tips please.

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