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Here is a background story for an Ork Dred that I'lll be converting soon. Enjoy:

With a horrific roar, Warboss Grugnar 'EadSplitta brought his enormous axe down, shattering the exoskeleton of the final Tyranid warrior with a splash of sickly yellow ichor and guts. Without the hivemind to guide them, the remaining gaunts scattered and fled.
Looking up from the pile of body parts piled at his feet, Grugnar quickly reassessed the situation around him. The majority of the fighting had moved Westward as Ork forces beat back and pursued the largely broken Tyranid swarm that had been assailing their Orky compound for the past week. Grugnar's iron-shod boot stamped down to crush a stray ripper that was attempting to gnaw his leg off.
"Urry up ladz, letz run and catch up to da rest uv da 'orde so we ken klobber more uv dem bug-eyed gitz!!" bellowed an angry young Ork. The speaker was Zagnuk, a sneaky but powerful nob who had been climbing quickly up the ranks. Frequently opposing and second-guessing his warboss, Zagnuk was Grugnar's biggest source of irritation- and danger. If formally challenged, Grugnar would have to face Zagnuk in open combat, which could easily result in defeat. Grugnar would have killed the blighter himself if he hadn't had to deal with the unexpected arrival of a Tyranid swarm. In the last week of heavy fighting, Zagnuk had grown more powerful both physically and in terms of popularity as he sowed seeds of dissent amongst the boyz, claiming that old Grugnar was unfit to lead. Grugnar had taken Zagnuk along in his personal mob of ladz to keep an eye on his young rival.
As he considered his next course of action, Grugnar noticed something peculiar. Back near the fort a large shape was moving steadily toward the high metal defenses of the Ork stronghold. The shape was coming from the NorthEast; the Tyranid force had come from the West.
Addressing Zagnuk and the 15 other surviving boyz from his original mob, Grugnar spoke. "Listen up ladz, der might be sumfink wierd going on back at da fort, so wez is gonna go check it out."
Zagnuk was quick to complain. "Boss, derz more fightin' ta be done out wit da rest a da boyz. Only an Ork afraid of a bunch uv buggy thingz would go back to da base now." The rest of the mob seemed to agree with the upstart.
Grugnar had had enough of Zagnuk's constant defiance. With a deafening roar Grugnar hurled an iron-clad fist into the face of his nob rival, sending Zagnuk sprawling. Grugnar delivered an additional kick to gut before asserting his dominance verbally.
"You stinkin' git! I iz da boss ere, and I sez wut ta do, got it?' The other Orks nodded in fervent approval as Zagnuk cowered before the hulking warboss. "Now, we is gonna go back to da fort to check out whatz goin on."
As the group of Orks neared the fort, the shape became visible. A hulking carnifex was preparing to charge the metal walls of the Ork settlement. As the beast neared the fort, two Ork defenders leveled twin-linked big shootas and opened fire. Slugs bounced harmlessly off the thick chitin of the carnifex. Suddenly, the Tyranid biomachine unleashed a thick salvo of long, barbed spines from it’s back, impaling the Orkid guards. The beast lumbered forth and began shredding the walls like paper.
Grugnar saw the error of leaving the fort so poorly defended. On the other side of the wall was a gigantic fuel silo waiting to be transported to the rest of the Ork army. If the carnifex succeeded in puncturing the gigantic storage recepticle, it could drain the precious liquid and set the entire fortress ablaze in the process. The thought of his battlements razed to the ground infuriated the Ork leader. With a thunderous roar, the Grugnar lead his boyz into combat.
Turning, the Carnifex unleashed another nasty surprise- bioacid. Grugnar had seen similar bioconstructs use the same attack, but this monster seemed to have huge built-in stores of the corrosive spray built in to it’s carapace. Reeling from the deadly acid, the Ork unit was forced to halt the charge and recover as half a dozen choppa boyz melted into puddles of green gunk.
Utilizing this opportunity, the massive ‘fex barreled into the Ork mob, crushing Ork ladz beneath it’s hooves and cutting stunned boyz to ribbons with razor-sharp talons. As the remaining boyz tried to get behind the monster, it’s deadly sythed tail cut down the remaining three foot soldiers, leaving Grugnar and Zagnuk to deal with the beast on their own.
Infuriated, the warboss hurled attacks at the beast in a rage. Zagnuk opened fire, emptying big shoota rounds into the thorax of the Tyranid.
The carnifex lashed out at Zagnuk, crushing his big shoota and sending the nob flying. Grugnar took this chance and latched on to the Carnifex’s left leg with his power klaw. With a sickening snap, the spiky Tyranid leg shattered.
Locked in mortal combat, the two beasts dueled, each inflicting grevious wounds. Eventually Grugnar was knocked to the ground, pinned beneath the heaving Tyranid carapace. Grugnar leveled blow after blow, hacking chunks from the larger creature’s body and sending ichor spraying.
Still pinned, the Carnifex thrust down with a talon, impaling Grugnar’s power klawed right arm. Still hacking with his left, the Ork felt another talon pierce his choppa arm, pinning it into the earth like his right arm. Crucified, the warboss began kicking with all his might with heavy iron-shod boots. The Tyranid used it’s remaining two talons to pin the boss’s legs, thus trapping the boss.
With all limbs pinned and shattered, things looked grim for the once-mighty Ork leader. However, Grugnar was not going down without a fight. With extreme force, he plowed his helmeted forehead into the skull of the enormous insectoid alien. Stunned by the headbutt, the Carnifex teetered. Grugnar chomped down with his powerful jaw, tearing mercilessly at the larger being’s exposed neck. The beast issued forth a gurgling scream as it collapsed on top of the boss, dead.
Still pinned by the talons and smothered by the gigantic alien corpse, the warboss screamed in victory. Then, the ugly face of Zagnuk entered his field of vision.
“Zagnuk, get dis bugeyed freek offa me!” ordered Grugnar.
Zagnuk chuckled maliciously. “I don’t fink so. See, wit you gone, I is gonna be da new boss. And I getz ta tell all da ladz ow I krumped dis ere beasty after it chopped you up.”
“You lyin’ bastad! I’ll krunch yer bonez an feed em to da squigz!” bellowed the warboss, but it was too late.
Laughing, Zagnuk fired several slugga rounds into his prostate leader. He turned, leaving his former tyrant for dead.
Later that night, as the Orks were feasting and celebrating a glorious victory, Big Mek Nutweld was in his shop, repairing damages and strapping on extra bitz and weapons to Grugnar’s old battlewagon. He was refitting it with the new boss’s personal icons. Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice.
“Nutweld, lad, let me in dere!” said Grugnar croaked. Astonished, the mek went to the door to find his former master crippled and broken, dragging himself along with shattered limbs.
“Boss! I dey was all sayin’ dat youz was ded!” exclaimed the surprised mek.
“Never mind dat moron Zagnuk and da rest, I iz ere and I is alive. Now reach under my chest armor.”
The mek complied and found a large bag of teeth. “Now, I need ya ta do sumfink for me. I wanna get put into da biggest deff dred ya can make. And I want some… speshul…modifications.”
Nutweld licked his lips as he stared greedily at the wealth of teeth. “For deez teef, and fer you boss, anyfink.” Grugnar chuckled evily. Revenge was at hand.
The next day, Zagnuk was nursing a fungus beer hangover in his (Grugnar’s) private hut, when he heard the distinct sound of an Ork Dreadnought approaching. Grotz scattered as the hut suddenly was torn to pieces. Stunned, Zagnuk looked up at a huge dreadnought. But this was no ordinary dred. Instead of standard cutty arms it had the 4 immense sythying talons of a Carnifex at the end of metal appendages. Mounted on the metal body was the Carnifex’s head.
Like lightning, the talons descended, pinning Zagnuk’s limbs like Grugnar had been pinned by the beast the day before.
“Do ya like my new body?” bellowed Grugnar from inside the metal carapace. “I figured dat since da only critter to ever beat me in battle was dat big bug, I’d use da body on myself.”
Terrified, Zagnuk begged for mercy, but to no avail. As Ork ladz gathered around to watch, the dred-body of Grugnar leaned in close to his victim. “Zagnuk, you remember dat yellow acid stuff da beast shot at us? Well, I ‘ad sumfink even better installed.”
From the severed head of the carnifex protruded a skorcha. With a deafening roar, Grugnar unleashed a gout of flame, charring his old rival to a crisp.
Addressing his soldiers, Grugnar spoke. “You ladz did good yesterday, krumpin’ dem bugz. I ‘as always been da biggest and da best, but I found one bug dat was better den me, and now I’m gonna be wearin’ dis ere kan into battle. So from now on, instead a Grugnar, you ken kall me BUGnar. And we is gonna stomp dem bugz to prove dat we Orkses is da best. Got it? WAAAGH!!!!”

The Orks of Bugnar’s Smiley Waaagh! have been stomping bugs ever since.

I’m working on the conversion, hopefully I can get up a pic sometime.
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