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Before u get to read the story, let me say i dont really write storys much but i got inspiration this mornin lol, so i written a few paragraphs and posted em here. Be brutal. but dont make me cry ppl.

Btw, Ignore the title for now, u'll understand more as the story progresses. :0

Beginning Of The Chaos Tau
Intro: Massacre on talon VII
The Crisis Shas'o glided across the ground almost silently as he stalked his prey. A scout
squad of cadians had landed on talon VII and the crisis battlesuits were waiting. Each suit had a
missile pod and fusion blaster armed on it. The shas'o told the squad to spread out and sorround the
cadians. Staying well out of cadian range, The crisis blasted away with there missile pods then closed
in to kill the survivors with the fusion blasters.
Unfortunately for the crisis, an unlikely alliance had been made between the cadians and the Chaos.
So, terminators had soon sorrounded the crisis and were hailing a barrage of heavy fire upon them.
The shas'el of the squad called in for firewarrior and xv15 stealth battlesuit re-inforcements to help
dispose of the terminators. Unfortunately, the marines were prepared and only one XV15 stealth battlesuit was left alive.

Chapter 1: The lone Wolf

The stealth suit crept away from the marines as they gathered the bodies of the fellow tau together and burned them.
When he was out of there sight he turned and watched them for a long time. When they sent a group of scouts out to search for survivors,
a plan formulated in the Stealth Shas'vre's head. He quickly and efficiently built a platfrom in the trees of a nearby forest and waited
for the scouts to draw near. When they finally came close he let loose a barrage of burst cannon fire and obliterated all but one member
of the scout squad. He dragged the survivor away and asked him what he was doing on talon VII.
What the scout told him was dark news, the cadians were helping hte marines take the planet in return for help disposing of renegade
chaos squads.
The shas'vre then shot the head off the scout and crept back to the battle scene, Beginning to feel a thirst for blood.
This lead him to become reckless, which helped him in desecrating the remaining cadians and marines.
After they had all died, he searched the ashes of the firewarrior bodies and got his seven millenia old bonding knife from the ashes
and set up an encampent in the forest, waiting for the arrival of more lambs to the slaughter of his burst cannon.........

well? what'dya thnk?

OR Tau'va as it is in the tau language :D

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Not bad. I think you can advance on this by making it a lot more personnale. A key thing when writting stories is trying to get the audiance feel as if their there in the story rather than make it seem they are reading some battle report, this requires a lot of personification. Another thing which I could not help notice (even though you warnned me) is indeed the title, personally i'm sure you know that Tau are supposed to be Chaos resistant even though I think that sucks, really chaos is a universal force and whether they have psychic abilities or not (even thou i have heard such things as tau psyckers view: kill team) anyone should be able to be manipulated of its force, since all chaos is really is awkening the primal temptations of mankind and xenos alike. Are there chaos tau? doubtful and certanly goes against fluff but either way i'm very interested on where you'r going with this.
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