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My Tau

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I've finally managed to get pics of my tau online check em out if you want on:
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check, see if your camera has a Macro mode...
i found mine has one for photographing flowers of all things, that works wonderful...

most of the pics seem 'broken' (won't load)
I nearly got apoplexy after that page loaded. Focus on background instead of miniatures, terrible layout...

Man, fix it before I send a Malalite after you.
Arrgh! The music! The pain!
As Horseman said, fix the site first.
The pics are a bit blurry as well. As I can see it, the white is kind of thick, but I am no expert at white so I will not try to help you there :rolleyes:
I got hit with a crap load of pop ups too and I hate pop ups with a passion. You've been warned.
Wow....thanks...if anyone else fancies kicking me in the nuts, go on ahead. I now remember why i stopped posting here.
woah , they were just telling you they're opinion of the site, but anyway yeh you've got a good clean paint job on most of your fire warriors and a good colour scheme from what I can see

good job (Y)
Don't worry, I won't kick you in the nuts (I'll let other people do that) but I will make a comment you your paint job. Good color scheme but IMO it looks flat (i.e. rifles). I suggest a wash, some black-lining, and/or some highlighting would make your models really pop.
they look rather nice but the focus on the camera seems a bit off :S really needs to be based.
Paint jobs were fine, after I was able to close the pop ups. Just use the 5mbs LO give you and post the pics here instead. Don't be hypersenstive
Hmm, the Tau look pretty good to me. Nice color scheme. I don't really like the drybrushed blue on the Hammerhead, though. Looks funny. What's it for?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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