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Naked angry Dwarf...

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Third update in as many days :ninja: So as promised the first pictures of actually painted dwarves. I have applied a black undercoat to all the warband.Image: pics/Mordheim-Basecoat.jpg I then went onto the first basecoat colours. So for me the first colour for me was the skintone of the Troll Slayer. The first basecoat was applied with Vallejo Game Colour Tan. The beard was basecoated with Vallego Hot Orange while the metal done with GW boltgun metal and the brown with Vallejo earth.Image: pics/Troll-Slayer-1st-undercoat.jpg Image: pics/troll-slayer-undercoat2.jpg So thats it for updates for the moment. The details and others are going to be done tonight and tomorrow. I hope to have this guy finished before Wednesday. I've also decided to call him Ulrik Flamebeard, in memory of a certain naked dwarf which likes to wander the halls of LO! I'm really finding this blog a good way of keeping myself motivated, even though there is a couple of people looking in it would be great if there were more. But I figure if i keep updating enough people will come. So for now thats it. I'll post up the hopefully finished dwarf on Tuesday/Wednesday.Peace out.

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