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Making the Narmenians from Gaunt's Ghosts

I was reading Necropolis again today, and decided I'm going to re-jig my armoured company's background. Instead of my own background, I'm going to make them the Narmenian tank legion from the Gaunts Ghosts. I've only painted 2 of my 10 vehicles so far, and they are done in a 'Desert Storm' scheme of Desert Yellow. I see reference to the 'mustard' coloured fatigues of the Narmenians, so any helpful input on how best to represent the Narmenians would be pleasantly received while I'm weighing up this project.

So far I've got it down to either:

1. Keep them Desert Yellow
2. Repaint the large surfaces Snakebite Leather.
3. I'm looking at the picture below and wondering whether to repaint something like Bestial Brown:

The picture is of Grizmund the Narmenian General (I have the model but am still thinking about the colours).

Also any resources anyone could find would be handy, particularly any pictures of the 'Striking Fist' emblem that the Narmenians apparently use.
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