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Necron Lord
+ SoL
+ Res Orb
+ Phase Shifter 170pts

8 Immortals 224pts

15 Warriors 270pts
15 Warriors 270pts

Fast Attack
3 Destroyers 150pts
4 Scarab Swarms
+ Disruption Fields 64pts
2 Wraiths 81pts

Heavy Support
1 Heavy Destroyer 65pts
Monolith 235pts

Total Pts 1529
Phase Out 11

Im trying to figure out where to cut those 30 pts. The obvious choice is the Phase Shifter but Id like to try and keep it if possible. My next thought was to drop the heavy destroyer and use the extra points to add in another 2 scarabswarms. And the third option is to drop out the swarms all together, but I find them very useful both with or without the disruption fields. What do you think?

btw the wraiths are meant to hang back and then support the troops once the enemy gets in CC, im not using them as an attack force.
Thanks in advance

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That list is good but needs a few changes:-

I personally would give the lord a warscythe and phlacetry.

Make the warriors into 3 squads of 10.

One H. destroyers isn't worth it, swap it for a tomb spyder.

I would lose the D fields on the scarabs and add another destroyer.

Lose the immortals for another squad of destroyers (in conjunction with a tomb spyder destroyers never die).

I would drop the wraiths as two isn't worth it (maybe for at least another tomb spyder).

Hope this helps.

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I think that since you have immortals you should get your lord a VoD as it greatly increases their effectiveness. Otherwise turn your lord into a destroyer lord and get some more destroyers.

Also 4 scarab swarms isn't nearly enough to be effective. If you want a scarab squad you should get at least 8. They also dont really need d.fields since everything else in your army can do that too.

also 2 wraiths isn't enough, they are to fragile in small squads. Either ditch them or, if you drop the immortals, get more and run a destroyer lord with them.

Ill be back later to comment more

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i am gonna be the odd man out here and say drop the scarabs like Demandred said and add in a warrir or two. whatever will fit. note the heavy destroyer will have to be kept sheltered for he will not get his wbb roll only having 1 of him. but that is a tactical challange for ya. nice list though. i hope this helps.
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