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Hey guys,

Since I myself have had trouble tracking down reliable review of the Necron codex in 6th edition, I decided I would dive in and make one myself!

I'll be using a rating system of x/10, with 10/10 being the best unit in the codex. However this review will be different in that I will try to put some context behind the units, with different ratings for different applications.

Lets do troops first, since you gotta have em.

Ah, good old Immortals. Biggest difference from 5th is the huge buff to gauss, and the buff to shooting overall. Can really only compare them to warriors since these are our only troop options. Here's how I see the difference.

Immortals have a 3+ armor save, so if you are running a lot of other models with 3+ save, this can be very useful. Because of the 3+ save, Immortals make for better front line troops. I personally like to run them in a night scythe with a stormtek cryptic (we'll get to these later). They can jump out and wreck a vehicle, and then have the staying power to not be disposable like a unit of 5 warriors would be.
The downside to immortals is their comparative cost and limited unit size. Warriors can have 5 more guys in a squad, and still have the gauss weapons. Overall Immortals are going to be better in the heart of a fight, and if you are playing an opponent with a 4+ armor save.

7.5/10 on the ground, 8.5/10 in a night scythe

HOARDS OF TANK FLAYING LEGIONS OF DOOM. But seriously, like immortals warriors are a very solid troop choice compared to other codexes. Warriors will have the advantage over immortals camping back objectives, and glancing down vehicles. Their weaknesses, 4+ save, str 4 ap 5 weapon, don't effect this tactic. However these differences with immortals will show themselves if the enemy has AP4 weapons, or a 4+ armor save. Overall I would recommend you keep at least 2 squads of warriors to camp back objectives. Warriors can also be put into a blob, with a lord with a res orb. With a res orb warriors have the equivalent of a 2.5+ save! This unit can be crazy hard to kill, however I am always terrified they will get into combat.


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Mostly with the Necron Codex, besides Flayed Ones, every unit has some kind of use. It really depends on your play style.
On topic, I'd call our Troop choices even. Immortals are more durable and can use Tesla OR Guass, and Warriors get you a cheap Flyer should you want to go that route and can horde somewhat.

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Ok on to Dedicated Transport:

Catacomb command barge:

So people think these things aren't as good as they used to be. I COMPLETELY disagree. for 80 points you turn your overlord from a 100 point guy sitting in a ranged squad in case they get into CC (which they shouldn't).

A warlord with a CCB also doesnt need sempiternal weave for the extra points. A warlord with war scythe (required for CCB), can get 3 s7 ap1 attacks on the sweep, shoot its gun (I recommend Gauss cannon if your not bringing destroyers, Tesla if you are). Then charge for D6 S6 hits, and the warlord can then fight with another 3 s7ap1 attacks. These things WRECK vehicles as war scythes are armor bane, on average either the sweep attacks or warlord attacks will roll total 14 for pen (glancing a land raider). The CCB can move 18 inches flat out in the shooting phase instead of shooting as well, almost guaranteeing the ability to reach your vehicle of choice. OH, plus the warlord can sacrifice wounds to repair his barge! One caveat about the barge, it is not for going after squads of 10 terminators or any other dedicated CC squad, instead send it at vehicles or ranged squads who cannot escape its crazy speed.

As goes with most vehicles, if your gonna bring 1, bring 2. While this is expensive I've had amazing experience with 2 CCB's charging up the flanks and wrecking tanks and destroying objective camping squads.


Night Scyhte:
This thing is the bomb, plain and simple. Twin linked tesla-destructor is great for anti air and anti horde. THE NIGHT SCYTHE CAN NOW BE EMBARKED UPON!!! If you load these up with 10 immortals and stormtek you've got a squad that can be precision placed into rapid fire range and destroy any vehicle in the game. It can also be used to drop a squad on an uncontested objective late game by zooming off the board every turn until you need it. Evasive maneuvers doesn't effect your damage output that much. You won't find a better deal in the necron codex.


Ghost Ark:
I don't use these very often because I typically prefer immortals, however if your bringing lots of warriors, these things are awesome. The ability to replenish lost troops, and being one of the hardest to kill APCs in the game make it good IN CERTAIN CASES. Don't bring this thing if you've got like 20 arrears, there are better ways to kill your enemy. Gauss flayer array is cool that it can shoot two different targets, but from my experience (mostly playing against the thing), its really hard to align the double broadside. Some great tactics I've seen with these things are using them as a wall (flying sideways) with troops walking up behind them, and moving them right up the middle of the board to increase the double broadside chance.

7/10 normal
8.5/10 with 30+ warriors and 2+ arks.

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Re: Necron Unit and Codex Review for 6th edition

The worst section in the necron codex to bring randomly on their own without a strategy in mind.

If your gonna use these guys, bring 3 squads because they can share their markings. For each additional squad you bring you make the other squads better. I am NOT a fan of using a cryptek to teleport these guys around, as it is far too unreliable, and only sounds good in writing. Instead, Take a night scythe, or no, take 3! land your death marks with precision and have then roast their target. Then they can either get back into the night scythe (check your 1.1 faq!), or hop backwards and kite any CC enemies for a few turns. I encourage you to mark the enemies best CC units with these guys, because they are what will ruin your necron's day. A squad of 10 can pump out 12 wounds on its marked squad (thats 2 dead terminators).

7.5/10 on ground 8/10 in a night scythe

Never use hyper phase sword dispassion shield. Ever. Trust me i've tried. I love terminators and I wanted necron ones, but these guys are different. The war scythe is THE best CC weapon the game hands down. S7 Ap1 attacks will ruin a terminators day, especially since his hammers will be striking after you. If your gonna use a night scythe be careful, because you can't assault. These guys actually work well with the ghost ark strategy I discussed earlier in which you hide them from LOS behind the ghost ark until they are in range to do their damage, they do not have the resilience or speed to march up the field by themselves.


Triach praetorians:
If your having terminator troubles, who do you call? Triach praetorians. S5 ap2 assault 1 weapons on a T5 s5 model. Voidblades are dumb on these guys, get your anti vehicle from like 1000 other places in the codex. In addition these guys are jump infantry! so you don't need to hide them like you do lychgaurd because they will be able to hop from cover to cover and get into combat much quicker. I'd say these guys are pretty underrated. I've heard arguments saying you gotta compare them to terminators because that is the 40 point a model comparison. Praetorians are so much more versatile then term's and can stand toe to toe with them as del!


C'tan shard:
There are so many options here. Unless you know EXACTLY what you want to use them for, don't bring em. Monstrous creatures aren't that great in 6th unless they can fly. If the necron codex were weaker and had holes in it, these guys would probably be great, but you can access everything you could ever want for your army without leaving 1 big hulking target on the table for mephiston to eat for breakfast (spoken from experience). If you guys want a more detailed analysis of C'tans let me know and i'll do it.


Flayed one pack:
As much as i want something new to say about these guys, as much as I want to tell you they aren't horrible... they are. You can't assault after deep strike, and until that changes. Take these for lol's.


Triarch Stalker:
Now i might deviate from what other's think, but these guys can be awesome if used right. Heat ray all the way unless all you play against are horde armies, in which case take the particle shredder. If your taking them for the heavy guess, take a heavy destroyer. Now, you take these guys for targeting relay or you don't take them. Light up the opponents deathstar unit and have at it, twin linked for your whole army against the prize of his army will leave him crying. Take these guys only if you have a super shooty list that probably doesn't even include wraiths or praetorians. keep them in 25% cover for the save, and think very carefully what you want to mark. Oh and like most vehicles take 2, put them on opposite sides of the board so you can mark whatever you want.

8/10 if used correctly

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