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This is list is for those who like to overrun you in cc. IE: Khorne Chaos, Tyranids, Black Templars, etc.

Lord Res Orb GoF 155
Lord GoF NS LF 170

5 Flayed Ones 90
4 Pariahs 144

10 Warriors 180
10 Warriors 180

6 Scarabs 72
3 Destroyers 150

Heavy Destroyer 65
Heavy Destroyer 65
Monolith 235

PO @ 8

Basically shoot at them until they hit your squad of warriors (sacrifice). Counterattack with flayed ones, the lords, and the pariahs, even scarabs (scarabs could rush cc troops helping out the initial rush). The monolith will pull out and help with wbb, and throwing pie plates at the non-cc things or the most dangerous cc things. Heavy D's will kill obliterators, shooty termies, big nids, etc. Destroyers will try to shoot as many things down before you get rushed and so will warriors. PS: Not reccomended as tourney list.
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