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I decided this morning while I was eyeballing a couple of the projects I have undertaken that I needed to do something. See, I keep pouring money into the hobby, and while I am ending up with a decent looking Ork army for my efforts, it's still not too kind on my wallet. I've never made a model just to sell before - I generally end up getting attached to the silly things after I do a bit of work on them! Still, I'm wondering if maybe going into the project with the sole aim of later selling it might not be a bad approach.

In any event, I poked around through the bits and pieces I have on-hand and came up with a reasonably good parts list to create a Necron Pylon. I have the plastic frame from an old, broken motion sculpture from a few years back...

And a decent number of leftover parts from a Monolith kit. I started taking some of the bits from the top of the monolith and plasticarding them shut so that they would look more like the parts on Forgeworld's Necron Pylon.

It's not a perfect job, but it didn't have to be. I simply plated both of the three-pronged parts shut - it only took about an hour and a half or so, which isn't bad, considering.

The I mixed up some Apoxie-Sculpt. This stuff is a two part putty that can be spread on really thin and smooth. I covered the surfaces I had just made in them in an attempt to even out any bumps or lower spots. I let it harden and then sanded it down a little bit and generally cleaned the parts up. Apoxiesculpt looks semi-transparent when it is very thin, which is why some of the areas in the next few pictures look uncovered, but I assure you that the inside of the fins is completely smooth.

As you can tell, I mounted the fins onto the body of the pylon and then fit the crystal-holder into the middle. I added some of the gauss weapon nozzles from a monolith to the tips just to give it a bit more presence. Pretty much everything on the model is pinned together so that whenever I end up selling the model I'll be able to ship it without any fears.

The pylon is mostly undetailed at the moment. I'm going to be adding a fair amount of detail in when I find myself with some free time to kill. In the mean time, I have been brainstorming the base a little bit and I thought I might ask for some feedback.

This is the bottom of a monolith:

I'm a bit apprehensive to building the 'feet' of the pylon right now in a style similar to that of the Forgeworld version simply because I don't really feel like making 4 or 6 of the same curved part - it's a pain in the ass. I was thinking of maybe using this as a base instead.

Here you can see the pylon sitting atop the monolith part. I'm very strongly considering cutting about half an inch away from around the bottom so that the base of the conical part is narrow enough to fit inside the center 'ring' on the monolith's part - this would also allow the model to turn while the base remains stationary. I'm not sure if I want to go ahead and do it, though... some feedback on the idea in general would be appreciated.

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jamsessionein said:
I'm not sure if I want to go ahead and do it, though...
Cut, cut, cut...
I think you really should cut it. You have the tools to do it and I think it would be far more work to adapt the base to the cone without cutting.
As always your project impresses and insipires.

I understand your peril when it comes to getting rid of models ad I do hope you get to finish this one in time, before you become too emotionally attached to it. It's not easy though...selling ones creations.

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I think that is a very good result you have got there with all those bits and pieces. Your main issues at the moment seem to be with the base of the thing. I don't think that it needs to be able to turn. The FW Pylon model certainly can't turn and the novelty of that will wear off after about ten seconds. It will however make the model prone to moving in some way when not desired and possibly breaking more easily.

The lower part of the Monolith there looks like a good start for the base. You could simply use it as it is now. Though that might seem a little easy and be rather obvious as just the bottom of a Monolith. There seem to be four square-like parts around the Monolith bottom. You could try to cut off those four parts and then make them into Pylon 'feet'. They seem to have a curve on the inside which may help them to be glued to the main body of your Pylon. Basically you could use them as four support-like feet things. They wouldn't be identical to the Pylon which has five feet but they might look better than simply sticking it to the Monolith bottom.

I think one thing you should be careful about is your level of detail. If you use loads of fancy Necron parts on some areas of your Pylon and leave others blank it may be too obvious that it is a scratch build model. There are a few things you could try on it. The Pylon's cannon moves on a kind of rudder on the cresent shaped part. I would suggest that you try to show this. Also because this is your creation you can add a few details to your Pylon to make it better and cover the previously mentioned 'blank areas'. Hunt about for tubes, wires and armour plate parts that lack nails for that Necron look (I think Necrons don't use nails in the design look they have). These bits can make it much more detailed.

Hope this helps out a little.:party:
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