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Necron Tomb Lord

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I posted this in the Necron section before realising that you guys would probably be interested here, too. I've posted a guide to building the Destroyer Lord model that I use- several people asked after seeing it in the gallery.

The scarab thing on his arm is a Phylactery piece of wargear, it comes in the destroyer lord kit- just to pre-empt a few questions.

Hope you guys like it.

edit: don't ask me what he's doing in the painting section, I thought I posted it under conversions.:wacko:
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Sweet conversion work!
I love the idea, I think I might use it ;)

really nice, but a bit complicated for my taste. good job!
Thanks guys, it's nice to get some feed back. And XenosmarinsKiller it's not that tricky- only the sawing can be a bit fiddly. Once that's done it's like it was meant to be built.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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