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Attack of the Angels

-Battle barge ‘Seed of hatred’ in orbit over Karolis III

Grand master Azrael looked at his weapon one final time before sheathing it. He was handed his helmet by the watcher in the dark who looked at him from within his seemingly empty hood.

“Honour your weapon. Respect your blade. Remember the Primarch.”, he said to himself. The watcher at his feet gave him a slight nod but said nothing. They never did.

Azrael turned around to face his men.

“Brothers of the 3rd battle company! Today we descent towards hell. A menace as old as time itself awaits us and will show no mercy. We cannot afford to lose, we can not afford to fail. We will have complete and utter victory or none at all! For the honour of the Primarch!”

“For Jonson we fight!”, the men of 3rd company replied in a well rehearsed chorus.

Azrael continued, “It is our honour to free the world below from the evil of the Necrontyr. They are accompanied by their star god who is preparing to feed on the sun of this system. If we allow the thing to succeed its danger to our blessed Imperium will increase tenfold! However, we will stamp out the evil of this....C’tan before he will even get the chance for an appetizer! It is our honour to launch the first attack upon the necrontyr stronghold!”

Approving cheers sounded amongst the men of 3rd company.

“Sharing our honour are the Blood angels of commander Dante himself. His chief librarian was the one who alerted us to the danger of the C’tan. They will lead their assault forces alongside the 3rd. To further reinforce this coalition the battle brothers of the Grey knights are lending their strength to our assault. With such glorious warriors as our allies, how can we fail? I say you, we cannot! The necrontyr are doomed! For the Primarch!”

“For Jonson and the Emperor!”, the 3rd company replied.

“The emperor and the primarch are with us today! You all know your places. I will see you on the ground!”

Surface of Karolis III

Endless hate. Never ending malice. Emotions the humans would recognise all too easily. Emotions they would succumb to all to easily. They were fools, all of them and they are on the same path as the Eldar already. The path to their destruction. Fools.

The Nightbringer, they called him. Not that names meant anything to him anymore. He had had thousands of them. Names are for the ignorant. For those who need to understand that which you cannot understand. Fools.

He tossed the dead body of the Human scout on the floor. The others he had allowed to escape. Their masters had to be told where he was.. He was aching for sport. To taste the emotions of battle once again. Such richness... Such despair and fear and anger and hate. It was like entertainment to him. He would crush the humans and use the engergies of the sun to finally regain his true strength. None could stand before him. None would.

The nightbringer looked up to see the faint trails of assault pods streaking through the sky. The faintest trace of a smile appeared on his chiselled face.

Let the game begin.

Karolis III

The dark Angel droppods slammed into the earth with the force of an eartquake. One after the other, creating such force that it would kill any ordinary human inside. Only the space marines’ power armour protected them from death.

Simultaneously 2 Blood angel Thunderhawk gunships made a low attack run over the battlefield, opening their assault ramps. Red armoured figures jumped out, using their jetpacks to roar to the earth. Among them was the legendary commander Dante, leading his men by example.

Finally, a bright flash of light announced the arrival of the grey knights, the Imperium’s most elite warriors. The strike force had deployed like clockwork.

Grand master Azrael set foot on Karolis III with his word drawn. He looked around to see the men of 3rd company forming up perfectly. He had expected nothing less.

He had arrived at exactly the right place. The battered remnants of the Vostroyan Firstborn regiment were huddled up in a concrete structure dominating the field. They numbered just a single platoon after the Necrons initial devastating assault but had somehow managed to hold them off long enough for the space marines to arrive. True heroes, he thought, and their artillery might come in very handy in the coming fight.

“Contact!”, he heard in his commbead. “100 metres and closing.”

He joined his squad of veteran dark Angels and moved to the front in between the tactical squads of 3rd company. Everywhere space marines were moving into position and readying heavy weapons. Then he saw the enemy.

They appeared as a wall of metal, the necrons. Dozens of slow moving silver warriors moved across the reddish field and amongst the ruined buildings of the former Imperial settlement. Floating grotesque constructs called Destroyers glided in between them. Azrael knew their forms well, he had faced them before. It was their number that surprised him. Far more then the reports of the Imperial guard had suggested. They had obviously not shown their true strength while decimating the garrison. It had been a trap for the Imperium’s elite warriors.

“Hold positions! Not a step back! For Jonson and the Emperor!”
The Necrons pressed their attack. The floating destroyers opened fire with bright streams of sickly green energy. The air was soon filled with screams of hit space marines. They returned fire with their heavy weapons, plasma cannons and missile launchers. The Imperial guard joined in with their remaining basilisk artillery pieces, blasting Necrons apart in great blossoming explosions. Azrael saw the blood angel assault squads moving forward and ordered his own jump marines to do the same. He knew full well that the place to kill a necron was right there among them, with chainsword and boltpistol.

The firefight intensified. The necrons seemed to get an advantage with their endless Gauss blaster fire. The space marines were hard pressed and more of them died. Even the fire of the orbiting Seed of Hatred was unleashed against the enemy as lance torpedoes slammed into the earth. The favour was returned as the necrons also seemed to have something in orbit. A whole squad was obliterated in a fiery blast.

“Hold!”, Azrael shouted amongst the carnage. He barely registered the fiery death of most of his veteran squad as he held his sword high. Then, death came for him.

It appeared straight through a concrete wall near him. A shadowy image of pure malice and evil. The Nightbringer burst into life and lifted his great scythe. It unleashed a scream of hatred and brought down 2 space marines with a single swoop of his weapon. The marines fell on the ground, twitching and writhing in agony. Azrael knew instantly he could not stand before this foe. Another marine died horribly before the thing was upon him. He had barely time to make a strike as he was hit. Spikes of agony streaked through him as the terrible weapon drained his life energy. Azrael struck at his enemy with his remaining strength but could not wound or even slow down the Nightbringer. The thing was too much for any man to defeat.

“Disgusting thing! We are the Emperor’s light. His glory will deliver us.”

If the Nightbringer had heard him, he didn’t show it. It merely raised his scythe again to give the deathblow. However, Azrael’s lifesigns had already grown so dim that it had triggered the emergency response from the Seed of hatred, initiating emergency teleport. No commander of the dark Angels would be lost this easily, the Imperium had ensured it and while azrael may have protested against this cowardly escape route, it saved his life. Before the Nightbringer could strike the deathblow Azrael was teleported to the orbiting battlebarge.

In that exact instance the C’tan knew it had made a mistake as it stared directly into the massed guns of 3rd company and the grey knights.....

Lieutenant Jeltskin of the 80th Vostroyan regiment watched in awe as the battle raged in front of him. His entire platoon was holed up in one of the last remaining Imperial buildings from the former settlement. He had less then a full platoon of troops left as the garrison had brought een close to destruction by the first necron attack and it was now horribly clear that they hadn’t even shown their true strength.The Vostroyans were defending one of the only aces the Imperial forces had to play. 3 basilisk artillery pieces that could rain death upon the silver skulls of the enemy.

“Enemy moving towards us, sir! Destroyers!”, sergeant Kurtski yelled from the second floor.

“For the Emperor and Vostroya! Destroy the heathens!”, Jeltskin replied to his comm bead.

6 Necron destroyers had broken off from the main force and moved directly towards the Imperial guardsmen, spitting green death from their gauss blasters as they moved. Jeltskin heard cries of pain coming from all floors of the building as the gauss fire chewed up concrete, armour and flesh alike. The guardsmen returned fire with their lasguns and plasma guns, churning up the ground around the destroyers and making sparks off the destroyer bodies as they hit. Guardsmen Borsa and Taviss who manned the lascannon at the top floor swung their heavy weapon around to stave off the threat. Jeltskin himself ran towards the nearest window and stuck out his laspistol. The necrons were closing at an alarming sped and seemed to shrug off all fire the guardsmen threw at them.

“Keep firing! We’ll see off this scum!”, he yelled to no one in particular and was immediately rewarded for his faith as a plasma bolt dropped one of the destroyers like a stone. More cries of hit guardsmen filled the air as the remaining floating horrors closed fast.

“HALT IN THE NAME OF THE EMPEROR!”, a booming mechanical voice suddenly sounded. Twin laser blasts accompanied the arrival of a grey knights dreadnought, a mighty metal encased warrior construct armed with the heaviest weapons the Imperium had. It fired again as it stomped to the destroyers and hit one square in the chest.

“We are joined by the finest warriors in the Imperium. Take heart fror salvation is close at hand!”, Jeltskin said in his comm bead. He slammed a new clip in his laspistol and opened fire again. The combined fire of the guardsmen was enough to obliterate the remaining destroyers as they sparked and fell to the ground, useless. A cheer sounded from the entire building as they reloaded and started looking for fresh targets.

Veteran Sergeant Aldor felt a moment of dismat when he saw their supreme commanders emergency teleport from the battlefield. His discipline and training didn’t allow it to last for long though. His thoughts immediately focussed on the threat at hand.

The Nightbringer finished off the last of the robed dark angel veterans and looked around him. It had walked straight into the teeth of Dark angel firepower and had so far survived.

“Lets give this thing a taste of Imperial firepower!”, he said and marked the target with his targeting array, attached to his power backpack. 3rd company had 2 devastator squads and the information transmitted from the targeting array was projected directly into their helmet displays. They immediately opened fire on the menacing shape of the C’tan and were joined by the Vostroyan guardsmen and their lascannon.

Great plumes of dust were thrown up as the Nightbringer was engulfed by bright laser beams and rocket blasts. Its cry of frustration and anger could still be heard over the racket of battle though and it was a terrible cry indeed, filled with aeons of hate. It burst from the dustwall with a vengeance and lifted its scythe high in the air in defiance to the Imperial troops. Most big guns were fired but it shrugged it off. The thought that the C’tan was practically ignoring enough fire to devastate an entire Ork Warband would have broken the spirits of lesser men. But these were the Dark Angels, the angels of death. There wasn’t anything in the galaxy that would faze them. Besides them stood the stern men of Vostroya. Whatever could possibly scare them they had already drowned under gallons of highly alcoholic Rhazvod. They did their duty, no matter what.

“Emperor’s teeth, if that thing hits the remaining squads this battle if over.”, Aldor said to himself while firing his bolter at the Nightbringer. He knew full well the blessed bolter shells wouldn’t harm the C’tan but it still felt like the right thing to do.

“Keep firing! Faith and guns will take it down!”

Suddenly, the dark angels and Vostroyans were joined in their fire by a Grey knight purgation squad who had made their way to help against the C’tan. They carried the sacred Psycannons, some of the most powerful weapons made by Man and particularly effective against daemons. The Grey knights must have figured the C’tan stargod was close enough..

The silvery shells of the Psycannons roared into the skin of the Nightbringer who let out another cry. It was still to far from its tormentors to do anything violent. The Vostroyans and dark Angels added their fire to the Grey knight’s once more and the Nightbringer was engulfed for the last time. Its howl pierced the souls of all those present and a mighty flare of light could be seen from the dustcloud.

When it cleared, the Nightbringer was gone.

Commander Dante fell like a meteor. He and his red armoured warriors had just jumped from the Thunderhawk gunship and were making their way to the battlefield using the fastest transport known, gravity.

He had jumped like this dozens if not hundreds of times before and he knew the dangers of a combat drop well.If his jetpack didn’t fire or if there were crosswinds he didn’t expect he could crash to the ground in a fiery ball. But he knew that wouldn’t happen. The Emperor was watching over him. Especially on this day. This would be a glorious day for the Imperium.

“Let the fury of Him on Earth smite our foes. May your blades strike true and your armor hold firm.”, he incanted all the way to the ground. Then on the exact right moment he activated his jumppack which roared to life and immediately slowed his descent. All around him his veteran marines did the same.

The Angels of death descended upon the silvery horde below them, chainsword and boltpistol at the ready. Dante made his presence known befoee he had hit the ground, blasting the head off a Necron warrior with his pistol. Then his golden boots set down and the killing could begin in earnest. Jump marines and necrons met and the well practised Space marines set about their business. Limbs started flying.

Dante chopped the legs off a warrior with one swoop and took an arm off another with his return stroke. He put two bullets between the eyes of a third, took a step forward and rammed his sword in a torso. The sounds of metal on metal sounded everywhere and while he missed the usual sprays of blood and the cries of pain, they were still gratifying. If the sounds of death for this enemy was the clanking of metal, then so be it. This would be his symphony of death for this day.
“No mercy! No retreat! No defeat!”, he cried out. He had butchered his way to one of the Imperium’s objectives, a disused power station, in minutes, leaving in his wake severed limbs and twitching Necrons. His Veteran marines were leaving their mark as well with power fists smashing Necrons in the dust and swords slicing left and right.

The Blood angels weren’t having it all their way though. A Necron leader had made his way to the fray and was making an impression himself with his warscythe slicing space marine armor open like it was paper. Men started dying, their discipline and genetic modofication preventing them from dying in pain but they were dying nonetheless.

Then, Dante saw Mephiston. The Blood angels chief Librarian had finally made his attack using Rhino transports and was using his psychic powers to great potential, blasting necron warriors and searing their metal constructs into nothingness. His face was twisted into a grimace of pure hatred, his eyes were blazing. He said little but instead let his sword do the talking, obliterating necrons every time it came down.

The necrons were feeding more and more of their strength to the Blood angels relentless fury. While the horde still seemed endless the combined fire of the dark angels and the Vostroyan artillery still seemed to hold them more or less in check. And they stopped their advance as if unsure how to proceed. The disappearance of the Nightbringer had perhaps mad an impression on the soulless Necrons. Could what they were feeling be doubt? Or even fear?

Either way the Blood angels hardly cared. They were getting hard pressed by hundreds of necrons and were losing men. Even though Dante and Mehpiston proved almost unstoppable meteors of destruction, anchoring the Blood angels and keeping their faith strong there was only one outcome possible if this continue.

“Foul creatures!”, Dante shouted in defiance,”Come and feel death!”

He hadn’t even broken a sweat so far, the necrons proved poor close combat fighters. He evaded their clumsy attacks easily and dispatched them with every strike. He didn’t know the situation on the rest of the field, nor did it matter. All that mattered was that the honor of Sanguinius and the Blood angels was upheld and the Imperium defended against these monsters. He was experiencing the fog of blood, caring about nothing else but the death of his enemies,by his blade.

Then the Necron lord slived open his armor. Dante dropped to the ground, his enemy almost. impaling him. Before dante could react Mephiston had saved him, dealing the necron lord a blow that would reduce a man to a pile of flesh. The huge malevolent necron gazed upon Mephiston for a second before attacking with his warscythe, bellowing a cry of anguish.
The chief librarian parried the powerful strike and his eyes locked with the Necron lord for a moment. Two mighty leaders of their races, the two remained in a mental battle until Mehipston showed his true strength. He empowered his sword with his psychic might, swung it in a great arc and cleaved right through his enemy’s blade, his shoulder and his head. The necron lord kept his eyes locked with Mephiston even as psychic energy ripped through him and he was turned to ash.

It was the moment the battle turned. Although few Blood angels remained, the combined might of the Imperium’s forces had held firm against the necrons. The field belonged to the humans and the necrons knew it. As more explosions from Vostroyan artillery and Dark angel heavy weaponry ripped through them, the necrons fazed out. Their bodies were instantly teleported back to their tombs, to rise another day. Even the damaged or killed necrons were teleported out.

Suddenly the field was emtpy. The remaining Blood angels stood surprised for a moment but all instantly knew they had triumphed, al be it with great casualties. It mattered not. Victory was victory.


Grand master Azrael was recovering from his wounds aboard the Seed of hatred. Against the advice of his apothecaries he still walked the corridors of the massive starship, flanked by his veteran bodyguards. The Nightbringer had come very close to killing the leader of the dark angels and the thought disgusted him. No enemy of the Imperium would be the end of him before his work was done and the Fallen were all captured.

He had still adorned his power armor for the meeting with the Blood angel commander. Together, they had ensured victory, each in their own way. The Blood angels had dealt with the enemy the best way they knew.

Commander Dante was waiting in the great briefing room of the Seed of hatred. His golden power armor gleamed in the sparse light and his face mask looked posively sinister. He struck an impressive and powerful figure, a legend of the Imperium.

Azrael stopped his stride right in front of his peer. The two men regarded one another and found instant respect.

“Grand master Azrael. Your bravery in the face of an enemy older then time is an example to all of humanity.”, Dante said.

“And your prowess in battle would have done the Emperor himself proud, commander Dante.”, Azrael returned the compliment. “I only regret it wasn’t my sword that killed the C’tan.”

“Your defiance inspired your men to finish it off. One cannot hope to defeat all the evils of the galaxy single handed.”

Azrael nodded, trying to see past the inscrutable golden mask of the Blood angel commander.

“We have learned the necrons a lesson today.”, he finally said. “They thought us weak, easy prey. We have proven them wrong.”

“The Imperium has proven itself strong today. I am sure that we have even given the Nightbringer pause for thought.”

“Wherver they come, they will find men of the Imperium ready to deny them. It gives me hope for the future.”

“Indeed my friend. Indeed.”
With that, the two warriors parted, knowing they would stand together again one day, when the Emperor once again needed them.

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yes sir, you are right! all is corrected and well!

what do you think of the battle report?

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Nicely written 8Y, I know the thread is a little old but I had to say it after reading it.

The question still stands though, how many points did you use? My guess about 5000-6000 a side.

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we used 7500 points on each side

The necron list was something like the following

2x necronlord with res orb, phylactary, gaze of flame and nightmareshroud.
2x necronlord with resorb and vod.
1 necronlord with res orb destroyer body, phylactary and nightmareshroud.

12x15 necron warriors

7x5 destroyers

3x10 immortals

and 5 tomb spyders

i think that was it (long time ago)

on the other sie where ig, dark angels, blood angels and a pack of grey knoght termie's
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