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Hi all,

Im new to the forum and new to the orks. I've been painting some orks for a while now but havent played with em yet so I would like any advice you can give as to how to use this army list or what i should change. Also i would like to know what i need to add for a 2000pts army. The new Deff Dread is awesome but i read everywhere that it sucks ... does the same go for the new Mega Dread from Forgeworld or would that be a better choice (the experimental rules are on the forgeworld site).

------------------------------------- HQ: ------------------------------------
Warboss on Bike +PK +Cybork Body +Attack Squig +Bosspole 155

Big Mek with shock attack gun +bosspole (to lead lootas) 100

------------------------------------ Elites: -----------------------------------
8 Lootas (with the big mek) 120

--------------------------------- Fast Attack: -------------------------------
2 Deffkoptas with twin linked rokkits 90

2 Warbuggies with Twin linked rokkits 70

------------------------------------ Troops: ----------------------------------
4Nobz on Bikes +PK +1 painboy+ grot +cybork bodies +Waaagh banner 315 (with the warboss)

27 Ork Boyz +Nob +PK +pole +3 big shootas 217

20 Boyz in Battlewagon +Nob +PK +pole +deff rolla +wrecking ball +grabbing klaw 285

12 Ork Boyz in Trukk +Nob +PK +pole 147

------------------- TOTAL: 1499 -------------------------------

I've already painted a trukk, a battlewagon, a deffkopta, a buggie, 2 nob bikers, and some boyz and nobz

Any advice is welcome :)


Warboss Alf
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Welcome to da WAAAAGH! First off...I absolutely LOVE your paintboy biker! It's more important to look'll fight better that way.

Think about giving your Warboss a combi-flamer...very useful when he's on a bike.

The SAG is dodgy at best (and very orky)...but do NOT attach the big mek to the lootas! They would have to shoot the same thing and you'll find out how much that sucks.

I like rokkits on my koptas, especially twin-linked. Fly around and shoot stuff.

My wartrakk has twin-linked big shoota, which I find useful.

For your biker nobz, be sure to equip them differently. Take a couple of Powerklaws and a 'uge choppa. A bosspole is good for adding variety.

The shoota boyz are great, and make sure the boyz in the battlewagon are slugga boyz. If you're going to run stuff over with it, you'll need to get out and chop stuff.

If you find points for it, the trukk boyz make great 'Ardboyz (with sluggas)

I disagree about Deff Dreads...they are good. Kans are good too (can't go wrong with either)...I give my Kans rokkits.


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Thanks a lot for the tips :)
I got a few questions though

If the warboss uses a combi flamer can he still fire the dakkaguns on the bike too ?

If i dont put the mek with the lootas what should i put him with cause i took the lootas to keep him from being picked off ? Or am i wrngand should he be alone ?

I got 2 PK's in the nob biker squad (including the boss) so i think i'll add 1 or 2 big choppa's. That would get me 2 PK's, 2 Big Choppa's, a normal nob and the painboy.

Also im pretty sure im getting some cans, a deff dread and a mega dread for the next 500 points and more pictures will soon follow as i have several models in their final stage of painting :) (soon to follow: nob biker converted with PK arm from warboss, the warboss himself, my Battlewagon, my trukk, a deffkopta, a buggie converted from a trukk, and some normal nobs and boyz ... so keep an eye out)
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